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Powerful Asset Management Features Provided by Asset Infinity

Powerful Asset Management Features Provided by Asset Infinity

Powerful Asset Management Features Provided by Asset Infinity

What is Asset Infinity?

Asset Infinity is one of the leading companies which provide asset tracking and asset management software across the world. It enables you to manage your assets and handle inventory stock without any problem.

Beyond asset tracking and asset management, Asset Infinity software offers depreciation tracking, maintenance management, inventory and complaint management, utility monitoring, audit reports, and other asset infinity features. This software centralizes all the information which makes it easy to collect data. It assists you in making well-informed business decisions. So, let start the discussion in detail.

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Asset Infinity Features for Asset Management & Tracking

Asset Infinity features for asset management & tracking

1. Asset Tracking

  • Asset Tagging - Asset tagging is done for the purpose of asset management. It is achieved via several asset tracking techniques such as RFID, Barcode, QR Code, GPS, etc. Once an asset tag is scanned, it retrieves the asset's information, log maintenance data, and much more.

  • Document a check-in check-out - During the check-in/check-out of an asset, it allows you to records every detail of that asset along with documents in an organized way.

  • Location, Department, Employee tracking - Asset tracking helps you to know its location with the help of various techniques being used for tracking an asset.  You can also use asset tracking department wise, in order to improve productivity. Also, one can track employee hours (attendance), by assigning barcode tagged IDs to your employees.

  • Movement history of Asset - These reports help in keeping track of every movement for the particular asset, in cases like an asset is being moved from one location to another or being moved internally.

  • Discarding Asset - Asset disposal is an activity of eliminating an asset from the company's accounting records. You can easily discard your asset from the application when an asset is fully depreciated or just because it is no longer required.

2. Maintenance Management

  • Defining preventive maintenance schedules - Questions like, "How frequently your assets are working? " or, "How much maintenance do they need?", you can set maintenance scheduling of assets in order to maintain efficiency & avoid unnecessary waiting time in case of breakdown.

  • Assign maintenance activities - You can set and assign the maintenance cycle for an asset as per the organization's requirements or guidelines.

  • Monitoring maintenance activities - Once the duty is assigned to the employee, you can see the status of maintenance activity done.

  • Reminders & alerts - You will receive alerts and reminders via emails, mobile notifications and SMS for maintenance activities. Therefore, you do not have to keep in mind for maintenance activity, the software will notify you as per the schedule.

3. Complaint Management

  • Ticket for reporting faults, breakdowns or complaints - You can register or raise a ticket against any fault, breakdown in the equipment or asset in our complaint ticketing system. So that it can go through the proper panel for maintenance of the same equipment.

  • Allocation of tickets, tracking open tickets - The raised ticket will be assigned to the defined authorized person and you can also track the status of the raised ticket.

  • Capture ticket types, priority, user groups - The ticket will be assigned to the authorized person on the basis of the type of complaint, its priority to be sorted, and its user groups.

  • Breakdown records and history - You can always check the history of raised tickets, total no. Of tickets, how many are resolved, how many are pending, etc in our helpdesk ticketing system.

4. Requisitions & Purchase

  • Purchase requisitions for assets or items - Purchase requisition for the required inventory is initiated by the employees.

  • Approval workflows for new asset purchase or old asset allotment - If purchase requisition form filled correctly by filling all the required fields, subjected to budget approval, if it gets passed, it will go to the approval workflow where it can be rejected or approved, or changes will be made to the request.

  • Receive goods against Purchase Orders (POs) and create GRNs - Our Application can easily create PO for your approved requisition of assets, inventory items, catalogs and other material with Purchase Requisition, Purchase Order (PO) and Goods Receive Note (GRN).
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5. Inventory Management

  • Maintain a list of inventories - If you have queries like "How many inventories such as consumables or spare parts are left in the stock?." In inventory tracking software, you can maintain the list of inventories & get all the related information.

  • Define re-order levels for each item - You can define reorder level of inventories for each and every item separately. The system will notify you every time when the count will reach the minimum level defined by the user. It will also notify the person responsible for managing the stock for that particular item/asset.

  • Add, move or draw inventory from one location to another - Incase, one facility has too much stock and another facility has low stock then you can add or remove inventory from place to another. And the facility manager will get notify along with the person who is responsible for making the transfer. Once the transfer is done, the system will notify you about the completion of the task.

6. Audits & Physical Verifications

  • Self and Aided Audits - Self-audit is a report describing the examination on the organization's financial statements and their related reports including all management accounts, management reports, complaint reports, etc.
  • Mobile-based scanning of assets - You can also scan the unique asset tags labeled on the assets and equipment with your mobile phones.

  • Geo-location capturing - Every smartphone is laced with a GPS system and fully capable of marking the location. With our mobile app, one can also mark the real-time location of an asset with their geo-coordinates and that way we can get the information about the location of the particular asset.

  • Quick verifications with barcode/QR or RFID tags - You can also do equipment and asset verification physically by scanning the barcode tags/QR/RFID tags on the assets.

7. Utility Monitoring

  • Manually track usage of your assets or location - For utilities such as electricity, water, gas, etc. The utility asset monitoring system that collects detailed consumption information for selected utilities serving your facility.

  • Record meter- It provides utility real-time data in your facility. How frequently you require a meter reading daily, weekly or monthly basis? Feel free to customize it!

  • Consumption reports - Queries like "How much utility consumption done by each facility?" These types of records are generated and kept; you can create a report according to your needs.

  • Receive warnings - Whenever the facility crosses the set limit then it will send an alert notification on email, mobile or SMS.

8. Mobile Apps for iOS and Android

  • Manage all your assets on mobile phones or tablets - Through the mobile application, you can manage and track all the assets on your smartphone.

  • Add or update asset details - You can add the new asset with our mobile inventory app and even update the information of the existing asset.

  • Scan barcode/QR code using your smartphone's camera - With the mobile app you can easily scan the barcode and QR code of the assets just by using the camera of your smartphone.

  • View pending activities and tickets - You can also raise and view the status of your ticket or complaint generated by either internal user or external user.
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These features are the most important features to have in a cloud-based asset management system. It allows you to manage all your assets from anywhere across the world. Asset infinity web & mobile applications are user-friendly and built with keeping the businesses and end-user in mind.

All these above-mentioned features are helpful in the tracking of assets within Asset Infinity efficiently. It also helps one eliminate costly mismanagement of their assets and focuses on critical resources where they're most needed. Asset Infinity software and application are flexible, and ease of use and it adds value to your organization.

Asset Infinity also provides you a 14-day free trial and also you can schedule a demo with us.

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