Preventive Maintenance
How Simple Preventive Maintenance Schedules Save Time & Money

How Simple Preventive Maintenance Schedules Save Time & Money

How Simple Preventive Maintenance Schedules Save Time & Money

There are 2 ways to handle the maintenance activities, one is reactive maintenance and the other is preventive maintenance. When it comes to choosing the method of maintenance you should perform, it is hard to choose between reactive and preventative maintenance. There are different factors that come into account.

Reactive Maintenance i.e. breakdown maintenance refers to repairs done when equipment is already broken down to restore the equipment to its normal operating condition.

In this maintenance, you do not have to schedule maintenance because maintenance is performed when an asset fails.

On the other hand, Preventative Maintenance involves regular or periodic maintenance checks and repairs in order to minimize the risk of your facility's equipment breaking down.

By implementing and scheduling preventive maintenance in the organization can bring down the unexpected expenses for the reactive maintenance and the time taken to bring the equipment back to the normal working condition.

Scheduled preventive maintenance is still viewed as an unnecessary expenditure that is a waste of time and resources by many companies and this is far from the truth and can prove to be a very costly mistake to make.

Many companies focus solely on reactive maintenance i.e. repairing or replacing parts when something goes wrong in operations. Transitioning to preventive maintenance from reactive maintenance can be a smooth transition with the right preventive maintenance software.

It provides several benefits for the organization as it helps in minimizing asset failure. As a result, maintenance expenses decrease as well. Moreover, the asset down decreases, and uptime increases. Meanwhile, we have mentioned below the advantages of scheduling preventive maintenance.

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Benefits of Using Preventive Maintenance

  • With preventive maintenance, you can maintain a proper schedule for check-ups for your assets and reduce the downtime which can result in more production and eventually increase the profit for the company.
  • If machines are properly maintained it can run in the optimal condition at all time and if machines run more efficiently, they use less energy and resources which results in cost-saving and improving profits.
  • Reduce the risk of expensive reactive maintenance by maintaining the machines with properly scheduled checkups. When something breaks unexpectedly, you have the costs of your maintenance crew (which can include overtime pay), the cost of the extra time it takes to diagnose the problem, and the cost of the parts (which can include expedited shipping charges).
  • With proper preventive maintenance software, you can perform routine checks and planned maintenance at convenient times these can help you avoid large and expensive downtimes.
  • With proper maintenance activities, the life of the equipment gets an increases. When everything is up to date and working properly, you will maximize the lifespan of your machinery, helping you get the most out of your investment.
  • With proper uninterrupted services and planned downtime, you can increase the trust and confidence of the good service between your customers. When you can consistently provide quality, on-time service to your customers, you'll end up with happier customers, better reviews, more referrals, and ultimately more sales.

Why Is Scheduling Preventive Maintenance a Better Option?

Because it will help you reduce maintenance expenses and with time the burden of the maintenance team will decrease.

As they will have to work less for maintenance and they can more focus on increasing asset performance rather than just working on assets when they fail.

Delivering maintenance on time will be helpful in increasing asset life which means assets can work for longer hours.

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How Asset Infinity Can Help You in Your Planned Preventive Maintenance?

When you are scheduling preventive maintenance, at the same time you can also check if inventory is available in stock because it is very important that you have inventory in stock while performing maintenance. So, this is one of the main features of this software that you keep track of inventory as well.

Another feature is that whenever inventory goes below the defined level the system will alert the person responsible. After which inventory refilling process begins so you do not have to track inventory manually.

Asset Infinity is the comprehensive asset tracking management software solution, that stays with you right from purchasing assets, categorizing, assigning, tracking, maintenance, and even manages asset depreciation to asset retirement. With Asset Infinity you can manage anything and everything you own.

With Asset Infinity you can schedule activities for single or multiple assets at a time. The activity can be of different types like insurance renewal, monthly calibrations, weekly service or daily inspection, or any activity that suits your business.

These activities can be classified based on their spending amount to be paid (when you pay to a vendor for an activity), amount to be received (when your customer pays you for an activity) or no amount associated. Further, you can also define the occurrence of the schedule as daily, weekly, monthly, yearly, or custom.

Added Features:

The whole schedule can be assigned to a particular user and set the responsibilities for the different schedules. Whenever the schedules or activities approach the user will get the notification and emails, these are automatically sent as per the frequency set for the reminders.

Separate reports can be taken for all the completed activities. See all the activities that have been marked as done with all the information related to that activity.

Filter out the activities completed based on Activity Type, Assignee, Asset Category, Asset, Vendor, Completion date range, also a free text search for searching across all activities along with filters like

Self Owned/Partner owned assets and whether the amount has been paid, received or there was no amount associated.

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Wrap Up:

Asset Infinity is the leading asset management software and app provider. It enables you to track your assets using Barcode tagging, QR code tagging, RFID tags tracking, NFC tags tracking.

There are more features such as Auditing of your assets & Physical verification, Maintenance management, Utility Monitoring, and report on the equipment you can use from anywhere, at any time. Asset Infinity offers a free 14-day trial - no credit card required!

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