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The Partner Program

Asset Infinity streamlines the way companies use & manage their equipment. Enjoy making more money and time from these things

How to apply

  1. Fill Out the short Contact form
  2. An Asset Infinity Partner Expert will contact you to discuss your business needs
  3. Enjoy the benefits of being an Asset Infinity Partner
Maintaining condition of assets whenever they change hands

How Asset Infinity helps partners succeed

Asset Infinity streamlines the way companies use & manage their equipment. Enjoy making more money and time from these things

Streamline your maintenance

Organize routine check-ups and activities to extend the lifetime of machinery and other vital equipment. Pair equipment with respective spare parts for better maintenance and inventory control.

Track Thousands of Assets with Ease

Asset Infinity puts all the relevant information about your assets just a few clicks away. Instantly check equipment in and out. Scan QR & Barcodes en-masse with our iOS and Android mobile apps.

Centralize all your equipment management

Manage all your equipment & inventory units on one platform. Add comments, automatically fetch relevant hardware & software information.

Become A Partner
Become A Partner

Program FAQs

How does Asset Infinity Partner Program work?

One way is to refer clients to us and receive a revenue share. Another way is to become our sales partner to earn a bounty by generating leads and converting them into sales.

How to become a partner?

Sign up on our partner page and we will get in touch with you. This will allow us to learn more about your company and provide the best possible support to you accordingly. Together we will discover the next steps, along with the non-disclosure agreement, to move forward.

Will I get sales and support training?

Yes of course! Asset Infinity will provide the required training along with the resources which can be used by our partners. We offer preferred technical support via phone and email. In addition, Asset Infinity provides marketing, tele sales and field sales support to help our partner with the sales process.

What makes Asset Infinity different from its competitors?

Asset Infinity is solely and exclusively focused on providing the best solution for asset management. We focus our resources on innovation and performance. Asset Infinity offers SaaS-based software which is high on performance and helps our customers to manage their assets efficiently.

How secure is data on Asset Infinity?

Our servers are hosted in the world-class data center that is protected by biometric security systems with 24-hour surveillance. We keep our applications updated with the latest technology & security. All Asset plans include SSL encryption in order to keep data secured.

Still, have any questions?

Our support team is available 24*7 all-round the year. Visit Us or Contact Us by just dropping a message and we will get back to you or you can write to us on