Budgets for Service

Manage and allocate budgets specifically for service-related expenses within your organization.

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The Budgets for Services feature in Asset Infinity allows you to manage and allocate budgets specifically for service-related expenses within your organization. It enables you to set and track budget limits, monitor expenditures, and ensure effective financial control over service-related costs.

Effective financial management of
service-related expenses

Complete Information

Financial Control

Establish budget limits for service-related costs, ensuring better control over expenditures and preventing overspending

Easy Checkin-check-out

Expense Tracking

Monitor service-related expenses in real-time, allowing for better financial visibility and tracking of costs

Accurate Asset Tracking reports

Cost Optimization

Analyze service-related expenses against budget allocations, identify areas of cost optimization, and make informed decisions

Budget Allocation and Tracking

Allocation and tracking of budgets for service-related expenses

The Budgets for Services feature offers comprehensive functionality for managing and controlling service-related expenses. With this feature, you can create specific budget categories for various service types, such as maintenance, repairs, consulting, or professional services. Allocate budget amounts to each category based on your financial plans and organizational priorities. As expenses are incurred, you can track them in real-time, comparing them to the budgeted amounts to ensure accurate expense monitoring

Asset Movement History
Budget Creation
Asset Theft Prevention
Budget Allocation
Eliminate Ghost assets
Real-Time Expense Tracking
Eliminate Ghost assets
Budget Adjustments

Reporting and Analysis

Reporting and analysis capabilities for effective financial management

The Budgets for Services feature offers robust reporting and analysis capabilities, empowering effective financial management. You can generate reports that compare actual service-related expenses to the budgeted amounts, enabling you to identify any overages or savings. Conducting variance analysis helps you delve deeper into the reasons behind the discrepancies between actual expenses and budgeted amounts, providing valuable insights for improved budgeting and cost control

Upload Multiple assets
Generate reports comparing actual service-related expenses to budgeted amounts, identifying overages or savings
Get Alert & Reminders
Analyze variances between actual expenses and budgeted amounts, understanding the reasons behind the discrepancies
Add new assets
Utilize historical data and budget analysis to forecast future service-related expenses, facilitating financial planning and resource allocation

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Got any questions? We have the answers.

Can we use existing SAP code as asset code?

Yes, it is possible to use SAP Code that is already created if the SAP codes are unique for individual assets. It would not be possible if you are using the same code for multiple assets. In case of same code for multiple assets, we need to split the assets and give them individual asset codes.

Does Asset code change when transferring assets between locations?

Asset Infinity gives you both options-change the asset code or keep it the same on location change. If the customer wants to change the number of asset while changing the location, the have a simple toggle button to do that. If they want to keep the number, then they do not have to do anything.

Do you suggest changing asset code when location changes?

Our suggestion to the customer is to change their SAP code if they want, but to keep the asset code intact so that you have a complete asset history with you. This gives you the complete asset lifecycle in a single record.

Is it possible to migrate my SAP or ERP data into Asset Infinity?

Yes, there are APIs available to receive and return data from your ERP system into Asset Infinity. The system maps existing data and uploads it to the relevant fields in the system. The data from SAP or your ERP can also be extracted as an excel and feed into the Asset Infinity system.

If we added an Asset by mistake, is it possible to delete it completely?

Yes, it is possible to permanently delete an Asset and we give that access to the admin. But we always suggest discarding the asset and to not delete it completely. You can specify the reason and discard it, like this it will stay in the system, and you can access it whenever you want to.

What is the information mentioned in Bar Code and QR Codes?

The major information that we mention on the Bar Codes and QR Codes is the Asset Code. On scanning the tag you can see all the information pertaining to that asset code. Same goes for RFID and NFC.

Are all asset codes system generated?

No. You can also manually enter an asset code or the system generates it for you when you upload data. Asset codes can be changed at the time of asset creation or data upload.

When the customer scans the code will they get all the information?

Yes, if the customer scans through Asset Infinity’s app, then they will get complete details of their asset. But if the customer scans the code through any other scanner or through any other app then you will only receive the asset code/number of the asset and nothing else.

Why it is not possible to scan the code with any other scanner or App?

This is due to security & privacy reasons. If any unauthorized person scans the asset code, they should not be able to see your asset details. Hence the information is restricted to authorized personnel with Asset Infinity account access.

We already have QR codes and barcodes. Do we need to re-install them?

No, you don’t need to install the QR code and Barcode again. If they are already present, we'll map the same tags to our system. But if there is any additional information in the tags vs what’s uploaded to asset infinity, then we would not be able to read the information.

If there is an existing sticker tag on the asset, do we need to sticker tag it again?

If asset code is stored, then we can use it and if it has some other information that it will be not scanned, and new tags will be stickered.

When we transfer any asset from one location to another does the latitude longitude information get changed automatically?

No, the latitude longitude information is not recorded automatically. We need to update it after a change in location.

It is possible to put Depreciation and other details at Block level and not Asset Level?

Yes, we have a provision in Category Master through which you can categorize and enter any detail about the asset that you want. It would be reflected in the system.  For example, the customer has a laptop, they defined that the life of asset is 5 years, and the percentage of depreciation is 20%. Now if any laptop is purchase then the system will automatically used for all the other assets too.

Is it possible to predefine the end of life and other things of the asset?

Yes, we have a provision in Category Master through which you can categorize and enter any detail about the asset that you want. It would be reflected in the system.

What are the provisions for dealing with duplicity of asset records?

No two asset can have same code/number and two Sales Number cannot be the same.

Can we customize the sticker or not?

Yes, we can customize the Bar Code and QR Codes by adding asset name, number, location, logo of company, etc on it.

Can we put a coloured Logo on our asset sticker?

Yes, it is possible to get colour logo.

Which stickers and printers should be used to print asset stickers/ asset tags?

It varies case to case, as different customers have different requirements. We usually use polyester stickers if the surface is hard or if we need the sticker to be weatherproof then we recommend metal stickers. Normally we recommend 60 x 25 sticker size, but it is not mandatory. You can choose any size of sticker according to your requirements.

Is it possible to print another sticker if the first one is damaged? In same price.

Yes, it is possible. You can search for the asset number in the system and then get all the information of the asset and then you can print a new sticker for the asset.

What is the life of Stickers?

The life of stickers that we generally use has a life of 4-5 years. We recommend a transparent protective layer on this sticker which enhances this life span of this sticker. The sticker would not be damaged because of water/dust/cleaning of asset.

Will every user see all the information of an asset?

No there are roles and permissions through which we manage and ensure the users see information only relevant to them. For example, an IT user can see only IT assets-related information & finance department user can see all assets. Invoice details and depreciation information cannot be accessed by a normal user. Therefore, according to roles, fields are visible. In this application, there is proper management of roles & permission.

If I have multiple type of users (like viewers, approvers & transaction-making users) does the product price vary?

For the asset management module, we allow unlimited users with no restrictions, and billing is done based on asset numbers. However, for other modules such as maintenance & purchase, we bill on the basis of number of users.

In this application can I calculate depreciation?

Yes, you can calculate depreciation & there are two methods we deploy-Straight line & WDV method. You can choose any method according to your needs.

What are delivery notes?

Delivery notes come in handy when we are transferring an asset or assigning it to the employee then we can make PDF and send it over mail or print out it and & take his/her acceptance & similarly when we take back an asset from an employee, we can generate receipt

Can we generate delivery notes/asset receipt confirmations from the system?

Yes, this feature is available. With Asset Infinity you can customize it as well. Asset Delivery notes can pick existing asset information from the system automatically and if you want to add any other information that can be also done.

Can we define Parent-child assets?

There are options for linking assets so yes parent-child assets can be created and defined easily.

Can we create a custom field for assets at category level?

Yes, this feature is available. For example, a laptop may need different fields & a piece of furniture may need completely different fields.

Is there an approval process for transferring or discarding assets?

There is a proper workflow engine in this application so yes you can define the workflow and approval processes for asset transfer or asset discard.

My ERP system has limited asset information fields. Can we add more info when we add the asset to Asset Infinity?

Yes, when an asset is added, the workflow will be initiated, and all the information can be added such as AMC details, Model No, purchase details, etc. Any information which is not available in ERP you can add that too in this application as a custom filed as well.

How will I transfer my data to the Asset Infinity application?

There are two methods for that. First is Bulk Import (must have data in excel format) & the second option is integration with your existing ERP, for which we have APIs.

How to get started in Asset Infinity? I have data in excel! Is your template customizable? 

Yes, you can customize it according to your needs & our support team can also assist you in uploading data.