Asset Management Solution - Asset Infinity

Your entire asset lifecycle from asset tracking to disposals managed.

Keep track of all your assets & inventory items from a central place. Tag your assets, spares & consumables using QR/barcodes, RFIDs, NFC.
Simple check-in/out for transferring assets between locations, employees or departments.

Asset Management Program - Upload Multiple Assets - Asset Infinity

Centralized Asset Tracking

Store all your assets and equipment spread across different locations at one place. Attach files and create your own attributes to record each and every information.

Bulk Update, Import & Export Data

Import your current asset & item lists using spreadsheets and Excels. Export all your data at any time. Create custom reports with filters and the data you would like to export.

Access all Information on Mobile

Asset Infinity Mobile Apps for iOS and Android automatically sync with Asset Infinity cloud. Add, update or just view all your information any time and anywhere even if you don't have internet access

Easy Physical Counting of Assets

Audits & Physical Verifications are easily done with Asset Infinity. Simply scan all the asset tags or mark the assets as "present" or "not present" during an audit. Asset Infinity automatically saves last scanned date time and place for each asset.

Print QR/Barcodes or RFID Tags & Labels

Design your own asset tags & labels.​ Drag-&-drop the information you would like to see on your asset tags. Print stickers directly from Asset Infinity.

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Simple Check-in/out and Movement Tracking

Check-in check-out helps keeping track of the asset. It provide all the asset information such as who has asset, when it will be returned and so on!

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Asset Information Starter Panel - Asset Infinity

All your asset information at one place

Capture all asset information like warranties, brand, model and serial numbers, attach documents and images, store purchase and financial information for depreciations. Or just create your own fields to record important dates, files or any information.

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Transfer Asset Dashboard - Asset Infinity

Transfer Assets to Employees, Locations or Departments

Check-out and check-in one or more assets in a single click. Create delivery notes or sign-off PDFs for physical proofs. Capture images, files or any other information while transferring assets. Send notifications to users whenever the assets are assigned or taken back from them.

Transfer  and Dispose off Asset  - Asset infinity

Easily dispose off assets and track them separately

Discard assets with appropriate reasons like written off, sold, scrap, lost or your own reasons. Generate discard notes or scrap sales invoices as a PDF with approval workflows. View discarded asset information at any time.

Mange Inventory Dashboard - Asset Infinity

Simple yet Comprehensive Inventory Management

Manage all your spares and consumables and link them with locations, assets or users. Simple functions to add, move and draw inventory. Setup re-order levels to get notifications whenever the stock level goes below.

Asset Audit Automatically - Asset Infinity

All your Assets Physically Verified Automatically

Asset Infinity helps with physical counting of assets. Audits and physical verifications can be automated using self-audits which sends out an email to all the employees with a list of assets assigned to them. Employees then can self-declare the assets as present or not present, right from the email.
Or simply assign a list of assets to your auditors who can scan the tags and verify the assets quickly.