Increase efficiency and control your spare parts and consumables better

Improve your inventory management with in-built tracking of spare parts and consumables across multiple locations.

Never run out of crucial supplies again

Set up automatic item re-order levels for all your consumables, and carefully track your spare parts.

Get clear and complete inventory reports

Get insights into your inventory movements, purchase costs and consumption from built-in reports. Use Barcodes, QR Codes, &RFID tracking to scan your inventory instantly.

Enhance Your Purchasing Process

  • From approving purchase requests to creating receipts, Asset Infinity contains functions to streamline buy your vital supplies.
    1. Inventory transactions - Simple functions to add, move and draw inventory
    2. Upload Additional Information - Attach files, include remarks and add custom information while performing inventory transactions.
    3. Create inventory requisitions with approval workflows.
    4. Assign available stock to personnel - create purchase orders directly from approved requests.
  • Simple methods to Update inventory records with new purchases
  • Simple goods receive process to update inventory records with new purchases.

Get better insights through records and reports

  • Document Everything - Get reports on all purchases, movements and consumption of inventory
  • Instant identification - View available stock at all locations at any time along with the re-order levels.
  • Export All Data for physical records - Save in Excel or .CSV formats, Create PDFs for each transaction, along with delivery notes and receipts.
  • All vital information in one place - Link inventory consumption from tickets and maintenance activities to record every detail.
  • Record details like rate and quantity at each transaction to maintain inventory expenses.

Monitor Stock levels

  • Define re-order levels to automatically re-stock each item
  • Receive alerts and notifications whenever the inventory quantity goes below the limit.
  • Check available stocks at all locations in a single view.

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