Reduce consumption and save costs by tracking monitoring utility meters across your locations

Utility Monitoring lets you save costs on your electricity, water, gas or any type of metered bills.

What gets measured gets managed better

Streamline the way you use water, electricity, and other utilities by identifying inefficiencies. Save costs, supercharge your profits, and improve quality of life for your employees.

Measure everything from one place, wherever you are

As long as you have an internet connection, you can track and manage all building and asset related metrics in a single online system.

Track & Record all your vital metrics with unmatched precision

  • Record electricity, gas, & water meters or any custom meters.
  • Create daily, weekly or monthly schedules take meter readings with reminder alerts
  • IoT device integration to capture readings automatically.

Tailor the system to your unique needs

  • Send warnings to specific stakeholders when consumption crosses a fixed point.
  • Quickly calculate total consumption figures from multiple meters.
  • Send emails, SMS and other notifications based on consumption levels.

Use reports to accurately analyze your utility consumption

  • Quickly create reports from consumption figures.
  • Directly calculate metered bills from units recorded within Asset Infinity.
  • Forecast budgets from previous utility consumption records.
  • Instantly export all reports into Excel and CSV.
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