Maximize Maintenance ROI with Asset Infinity

Better Manage Returns on Your Maintenance Investments by calculating current loss on downtime
Projected Yearly Savings with Asset Infinity


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You can save even more with Asset Infinity

Not just downtime, Asset Infinity can help streamline your entire production process resulting in savings!

Minimize Labor Costs

Boost payroll hours with Asset Infinity in daily workflow.
Instantly generate work orders
Asset Infinity users save approximately 1 hour per day on average when generating work orders.
Minimize unplanned work
Asset Infinity users experiences 10-50% reduction in time spent on performing unplanned work.
Rapidly generate reports
Asset Infinity users save an average of 10-30% of their time on report creation.
Quickly locate spare parts
Asset Infinity users save an average of 10-30% of their time searching for spare parts.

Maximize your Equipment

Reduce downtime and increase reliability with preventive maintenance on Asset Infinity.
Cost-effective production
Asset Infinity users save 10-40% on production costs annually.
Optimize production time
On average, Asset Infinity users reduce idle equipment time by 15% per year.
Prolong asset lifespan
Users typically save 15% annually on monthly reactive maintenance costs.
Equipment reliability
Users are 61% less likely to worry about unplanned equipment breakdowns, providing peace of mind