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Perform Quick Asset Audit & Verification Easily!

Audit can be time consuming and hectic but with Asset Infinity's Auditing & Verification Software you can easily schedule and perform audits based on categories, departments, or locations. See the upcoming and ongoing audit as well. This software empowers you to verify assets without any problem.

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Get Organized with Asset Infinity's Audit Software

Location and Category based Audits

Location or category based audits

Create and assign audit based on the location or categories of asset. Users can also verify assets from asset infinity asset management software. Assign a unique set of assets to employee to avoid confusion.

Precise Asset Information

Precise asset information

Bulk upload audit plans to create repetitive & recurring audits. Audits keep assets count in check & provides accurate asset information. It ensures that they’re in the right location.

Asset Verification online & Offline mode

Asset verification in online and offline mode

Users can mark assets as present, not present or present with incorrect details. Users can verify assets in offline mode when the device is connected to internet data is synchronized.


Objective of Assets Auditing

One of the major objectives of auditing software is to maintain compliance & ensure asset are available at the right place. Asset thefts & pilferages are also reduced. It also helps in depreciation management.

Asset Accountability
Asset accountability
Asset Physical Verification
Asset physical verification
Automated Audit Reports
Automated audit reports generation
Avoid Asset Theft
Avoid asset theft & misplacement

Perform Asset Auditing Like Never Before

Assets are moved around from place to another and in the process, assets can be lost or misplaced, that is why it is important to verify your assets regularly. Simplified asset verification process with Asset Infinity's asset verification software.

Define Physical Verification Performance

Define starting and ending date for performing physical verification

User Notified when audit starts

Users are notified when the audit starts

Users receive email of asset list

Users receive email of asset list and option to mark them as present or not present

Other features from our asset management suite

Asset Tracking Software - Asset Infinity

Asset Tracking

Asset tracking software tracks & monitors all the crucial assets & their performance. It helps in keeping track of assets & optimizes asset performance as well.

Inventory Management Software

Inventory Management

Track your inventories with accurate numbers and get notified whenever inventory goes below the defined level. Manage them efficiently with proper inventory management.

Asset Audit and Physical Verification - Asset Infinity

Audit & Physical Verifications

Asset verification is crucial for the asset auditing process. Moreover, the condition of each asset is also checked and tracked in the asset audit procedure.

Preventive Maintenance Software - Asset Infinity

Preventive Maintenance

Keep assets maintained & perform asset maintenance before breakdown occurs. With preventive maintenance, you can optimize asset performance as well.

Incident and Breakdown Management - Asset Infinity

Breakdowns & Incidents

Every incident is recorded, and the incident management team tries to resolve the incident quickly so that damage control can be done as quickly as possible.

Utility Tracking Software - Asset Infinity

Utility Tracking

Utility tracking can be helpful in minimizing utility bills. As utility tracking alert you on daily basis about utility consumption.

Purchase Requisition Software - Asset Infinity

Assets & Items Requisitions

In a huge organization, item requisition is important because it decreases the chances of fraudulent activities and makes operations organized.

Purchase Order System - Asset Infinity

Purchase Orders & Receiving

For asset maintenance, maintenance team needs spare parts & for this purchase order is created & order is received.

Asset Tracking & Management App - Asset Infinity

Mobile Apps

Keep track of assets, schedule maintenance, make changes in operation with your mobile when you are away from your office!

Asset Management Security - Asset Infinity


Asset Infinity is hosted on Microsoft Azure and has enterprise grade security built-in.

Asset Tracking Support - Asset Infinity


We understand the value of our clients, that is why we believe in going extra mile for customers and provide support 24*7.

API Integration Software - Asset Infinity


Our software is developed in a way so that integration can be done easily. We know an organization uses several applications and data collected from these applications is used to increase efficiency.

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