Make the most of your assets and equipment

Still managing & tracking your assets and maintenance in spreadsheets?
Lost track of your assets, equipment, tools?

Asset Infinity, asset management & tracking software
helps in tracking and maintaining your assets, equipment, inventory, tools, & much more, centrally from anywhere and anytime.

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Leading Asset Tracking Management Software - Asset Infinity

Asset management software trusted by hundreds of organizations worldwide across different industry verticals


Simple asset management software to manage and track your complete asset life cycle

Keep an eye on all your assets from single dashboard with our asset management software system. Track, record all types of assets & inventory movements along with depreciation calculations.
Never lose track of your assets & inventory items again!

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Asset Management Tacking Software

Our Asset Management Software Features

Asset Tracking and Management Software

Asset Tracking Solution

  • Tag assets using barcodes, QR codes, RFID or NFC with our Asset Tracking Solutions.
  • Track assets between locations, employees or departments using simple check-in/outs.
  • Record depreciations and manage disposal of yor assets using configurable workflows.
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Inventory Management Dashboard - Asset Infinity

Inventory Management

  • Manage all your spares and consumables of your inventory, warehouses, with a simple yet comprehensive inventory management software.
  • Maintain minimum stock levels for items at locations, assigned to users or assets.
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Physical Asset Verification Screen View - Asset Infinity

Physical Verifications & Audits

  • Physically count all the assets by just scanning QR/barcodes.
  • Automatically mark assets as present with an option to record their geo-coordinates.
  • Launch self-audits for self-declaration of assets assigned to each employee.
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Asset Management & Maintenance Ticket Software
Maintenance Management (CMMS)

Only CMMS tool your maintenance and facilities teams will need

Scheduled & breakdown maintenance for all your assets and equipment with our asset management & maintenance tool. A complete help desk solution for your service engineers, technicians and facility managers.

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Preventive Maintenance Scheduling - Asset Infinity

Preventive Maintenance

  • Asset Infinity, asset management solution schedules & manages your recurring maintenance activities and tasks.
  • Send reminders through emails, mobile notifications and text messages.
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Breakdown Ticketing System - Asset Infinity

Incident/Breakdown Maintenance

  • Record breakdowns, incidents or faults related or not related to the assets through mobile apps, web or just emails.
  • Automatically assign incidents to the right group of users based on type of problems, locations or category of assets.
  • See how many incidents or tickets are open, assigned, closed or put on hold.
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Utility Monitoring and Usage Tracking - Asset Infinity

Usage & Utility Tracking

  • Keep track of your anything that is metered like electricity, water, gas and other asset related parameters.
  • Manually record readings or integrate with APIs to automatically fetch readings from IoT devices and sensors.
  • Setup thresholds and receive warnings on emails, mobile and text.
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Purchase management

Avoid redundant asset and inventory purchases

Procurement system for easy assets & item requisitions to purchase orders to goods receiving.

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Purchase Requisition Management Dashboard - Asset Infinity
Purchase Requisition dashboard - Asset Infinity

Requests & Fullfilment

  • Allow your organization employees to raise requests for assets & items.
  • Assign requests after approval workflows.
  • Asset Infinity finds the unassigned stock for these requests automatically.
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Purchase Order View - Asset Infinity

Purchase Orders & Receiving

  • Create purchase orders to your vendors for purchasing new assets & items.
  • Setup configurable workflows to approve orders based on total amounts.
  • Send PO copies to vendors directly or create PDF prints with your branding.
  • Create Goods Receipt Note once the assets and items are shipped to you.
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Asset Management System to Enhance Enterprise Capabilities

Asset Infinity - asset management software mobile app

Mobile Apps

  • Asset Infinity mobile apps are available in Google Play Store for Android & Apple App Store for iOS
  • Access all data offline - add/update assets, scan & view asset details and sync up automatically when your phone is connected to internet via our asset management app.
  • Asset Infinity mobile apps work with industry leading handhelds from Zebra, Honeywell, Chainway and a lot more
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Integration - Asset Infinity


  • Asset Infinity integrates with your ERP or any other application using APIs or Flat files.
  • Our asset management software is compatible with many hardware integrations with devices from Zebra, Honeywell, etc.
  • Single Sign-on with using Azure AD and SAML2.0 supporting Okta, OneLogin, NetIQ and many others
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Support System - Asset Infinity


  • Our product specialists are available 24x7 on phone and email to answer all your queries
  • A vast knowledge base to get you started in no-time
  • Premium support options to help enterprises with dedicated hand-holding and assisted onboarding
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Data Security - Asset Infinity


  • Asset Infinity is ISO 27001 certified - a well known certification for security standards
  • Hosted on Microsoft Azure data centers, Asset Infinity provides a 99.9% up-time and enterprise grade security
  • Enterprise authentication and authorization methods or role based access control to keep all your data secure
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Asset Infinity is a leading asset management software trusted by world's renowned brands

"Asset Infinity has helped us in aligning our IT and admin assets. All our assets are now tagged, correctly identified, and automatically audited every 6 months!"

Charles Miller

Asset Manager with a leading Airlines

"It is a unique cloud based solution. Very rich functionalities and features fits to all industries. The support and onboarding have been very good."

Catherine Lim


"We are now able to track each and every asset in organization very effectively. The reminders and alert facility is very useful for receiving the asset back issued for definite time period."

Jitendra B.

CIO with a leading IT company