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Asset Infinity does not only provide the best asset tracking software but also provides top quality service & support to our customers. Our clients can share their problems and we are available for them all-day all-time to resolve their issues.

Asset Tracking Email Support - Asset Infinity

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Knowledge Base

Knowledge Base

Knowledge Base has lots of issues and solutions mentioned that might include your problem as well.

Assistance Videos

Assistance Videos

Tailored guided training session videos for our clients. When you do not get your solution in the knowledge base then this step is taken.

Upgrades & Patches

Upgrades & Patches

When the problem is faced by multiple users on a big scale. We launch an update or patch that eliminates the problem.

Ticketing Support

Resolving Tickets as Per SLA & Priority-basis

Service level agreement & priority are followed for each enterprise ticket. The escalation is followed in case of any SLA commitment breaches or if the ticket consumes more time.

 Knowledge Base for support
 Knowledge Base
E-mail Based Support
E-mail Based Support
Training Videos
Training Videos
SLA Timelines
SLA Timelines
Ticketing Support Dashboard
24*7 Helpdesk Support - Asset Infinity

Helpdesk Support

Asset Infinity Helpdesk Available 24*7 for Your Support

Apart from day to day assistance including resolving tickets and service requests. We do premium support activities as well such as configuration changes post implementation, re-training users, integration support, bulk import/export data, providing training on new features.

Our support team can be reached via email or phone 24x7.

Our support team can be reached via email or phone 24x7.

We have a knowledge base and a support tool

We have a knowledge base and a support tool to manage all phone and email based tickets.  

We believe in providing quality support to our clientele.

We believe in providing quality support to our clientele. 

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Asset Tracking Software - Asset Infinity

Asset Tracking

Asset tracking software tracks & monitors all the crucial assets & their performance. It helps in keeping track of assets & optimizes asset performance as well.

Inventory Management Software

Inventory Management

Track your inventories with accurate numbers and get notified whenever inventory goes below the defined level. Manage them efficiently with proper inventory management.

Asset Audit and Physical Verification - Asset Infinity

Audit & Physical Verifications

Asset verification is crucial for the asset auditing process. Moreover, the condition of each asset is also checked and tracked in the asset audit procedure.

Preventive Maintenance Software - Asset Infinity

Preventive Maintenance

Keep assets maintained & perform asset maintenance before breakdown occurs. With preventive maintenance, you can optimize asset performance as well.

Incident and Breakdown Management - Asset Infinity

Breakdowns & Incidents

Every incident is recorded, and the incident management team tries to resolve the incident quickly so that damage control can be done as quickly as possible.

Utility Tracking Software - Asset Infinity

Utility Tracking

Utility tracking can be helpful in minimizing utility bills. As utility tracking alert you on daily basis about utility consumption.

Purchase Requisition Software - Asset Infinity

Assets & Items Requisitions

In a huge organization, item requisition is important because it decreases the chances of fraudulent activities and makes operations organized.

Purchase Order System - Asset Infinity

Purchase Orders & Receiving

For asset maintenance, maintenance team needs spare parts & for this purchase order is created & order is received.

Asset Tracking & Management App - Asset Infinity

Mobile Apps

Keep track of assets, schedule maintenance, make changes in operation with your mobile when you are away from your office!

Asset Management Security - Asset Infinity


Asset Infinity is hosted on Microsoft Azure and has enterprise grade security built-in.

Asset Tracking Support - Asset Infinity


We understand the value of our clients, that is why we believe in going extra mile for customers and provide support 24*7.

API Integration Software - Asset Infinity


Our software is developed in a way so that integration can be done easily. We know an organization uses several applications and data collected from these applications is used to increase efficiency.