Asset Tagging & Verification/Audit Services

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Looking for asset tagging & physical verification? Look no more

How much time does Asset Tagging take?
Can you do Tagging/Physical Verification for us?
Is it possible to tag the assets with just QR Code and their Serial Number and nothing else?
Do you cover non-taggable assets in verification?
What are the different kinds of Tags available?
How many people are needed for the purpose of Asset Tagging?
What do you do in case we have similar units to be tagged?
Where do you put/stick assets tag?
What would be printed on the tags? 
We already have QR codes and barcodes. Do we need to re-install them?
How do you ensure longevity of the tags?
How do you tag assets in high temperature environments?
What is the difference between RFID & QR Code tag?
Is it possible to predefine the end of life and other things of the asset?
When do we use RFID?
What is the Cost & type of RFID tags?
Do you help with tracking only in Metro cities?
How is Project Timeline defined for tagging of assets?
Is your asset tagging process manual or Tool-based?
What asset verification processes do you use?
What if I don’t know the number of assets?
What is Book to Floor tagging method?
What is Floor to Book tagging method?
Do you use Book-to-floor or Floor-to-book tagging process?
Is there a simpler tagging method apart from Book to floor and Floor to Book?
Are all assets verifiable?
How do you define verifiable assets?
What kind of Tags do you use? What is the cost difference?
How many people will you deploy for tagging purpose?
Do you help with financial reconciliation of assets?
Do you do Inventory Audit?
Where do we put which kind of Tag? 
Where is a tag stuck on an asset?