Procurement Management Software
Streamline Your Purchase Process
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Efficient Tracking

Our procurement management software ensures meticulous monitoring of every purchase and requisition order

paperless system

Paperless System

Eliminate the hassle of paperwork. Our purchase management system simplifies the PR process with user-friendly templates.

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Optimizing Your Procurement Process

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Purchase Requisitions

Streamline your procurement workflows with our procurement management software, simplifying the process of requesting new purchases through efficient purchase requisitions.

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Purchase Orders

Use our purchase management tool to generate detailed purchase orders, formalizing and authorizing the procurement of goods or services, and ensuring transparent communication and documentation between buyers and vendors.

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Enhance your procurement efficiency by defining and automating workflows within the procurement management system, enabling smooth approval processes for purchase requisitions and orders while reducing manual efforts

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Vendor Management

With our procurement management software, centralize and manage vendor information effectively. Track vendor performance and manage relationships to ensure efficient collaboration and timely delivery of goods or services.

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Receiving Goods

Streamline the goods receiving process using our procurement management tool. Accurately record and verify incoming shipments to ensure inventory levels are updated effectively and efficiently.


Enhancing Financial Oversight

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Budgets for Procurement

Implement our procurement management tool to monitor and manage procurement budgets effectively at various organizational levels, including project, department, or category. Utilize these budget insights to efficiently create and manage requests, purchase orders, or capital work in progress (CWIP), ensuring a streamlined and financially responsible procurement process.

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Enhanced Procurement Efficiency
with Asset Infinity

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Comprehensive Purchasing Approach

Leverage our procurement management software to resolve all your purchase management issues efficiently. This system allows for straight forward budget allocation and ensures you are promptly alerted to any updates, enhancing your procurement strategy.

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Streamlined Automated PR to PO Conversion

Our procurement management system automates the conversion process, saving a significant amount of time. It enables the direct creation of Purchase Orders from approved Purchase Requisitions, optimizing your procurement workflow

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Customizable Workflow Approval

Tailor your procurement workflows using our procurement management tool, which allows for customization based on roles, request types, locations, and budget constraints, contributing to a more organized and efficient approval process.

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Robust Vendor Tracking and Management

Utilize our procurement software's vendor tracking and management features to assess vendor performance, and the quality and quantity of goods provided. This key functionality aids in identifying and retaining the best vendors for your organization's needs.

Optimized Asset Procurement and Expense Management

procurement management software

Efficient Asset and
Item Request Submission

Use our intuitive procurement management software to easily identify requirements and submit requisitions through a user-friendly interface. This streamlined process allows for the effortless creation, management, & tracking of purchase requisitions (PRs), while maintaining control over spending.

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Seamless Transition from Purchase Orders to Goods Receipt

Gain comprehensive insights into your order history with our procurement management system. Effortlessly monitor the status of purchase orders, with real-time updates indicating whether they are open, partially received, or closed, ensuring a smooth procurement cycle from start to finish.

Streamlined Requisition Submission via Automation

Our procurement management tool revolutionizes the way employees submit forms for purchase requisitions or requests. By automating the form-filling process, this software empowers staff to efficiently initiate purchases on behalf of the organization, significantly accelerating the procurement workflow.

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Efficient Requisition to Purchase Order Conversion

Transform the traditionally cumbersome request fulfillment process with our procurement management software. Experience a swift and straight forward transition as purchase requisitions are automatically turned into purchase orders upon approval, ensuring that your procurement needs are met with unprecedented speed.

Comprehensive Purchase Order Tracking

Our purchase order software offers unparalleled visibility into every purchase order. With real-time notifications for any updates, management stays informed at every stage. The system's tracking capabilities allow for constant monitoring of each purchase order's status — whether open, partially received, or closed — streamlining your procurement workflow and saving time by enabling the creation of POs directly from approved purchase requests

Efficient Tracking of Goods Receipts

Our CMMS (Computerized Maintenance Management System)software provides a robust solution to track every item received meticulously. If an item is in stock, it is promptly allocated to the requesting employee, with the inventory data updated in real-time within the system. In cases where stock is unavailable, the software seamlessly creates a purchase order and dispatches it to the vendor. Upon receiving the goods, the software allows fora thorough inspection to verify both the condition and quantity of the items, ensuring complete accountability and inventory accuracy

Effortless Workflow Customization

Utilize our procurement management software to design straight forward yet sophisticated multi-level workflows. Tailor the process for handling purchase requests and orders according to specific roles, types of requests, geographical locations, and budgetary considerations. The system also allows for the creation of asset and item requests, incorporating a multi-tiered approval sequence to suit the complexity and hierarchy of your organization's needs