Break down reporting asset tracking systems

Automate capturing tickets, assigning them to the correct group of users, and close them in no time. A web based ticket & helpdesk system helps your staff quickly locate & communicate equipment issues or requests.

Deploy technicians to problem spots faster

Simplify the repair process by assigning tickets to the closest qualified technician using Google or Egis maps.

Keep detailed records of maintenance work

Let assigned technicians record the repairs done, costs incurred and spares consumed.

Streamline your problem solving with simple help-desk software

  • Verify valid solutions by sendinghappy-codes (OTP) to original ticket reporter to close the ticket
  • Automatically assign tickets to technicians based on problem type, priority, and location
  • Send reminders and create escalations based on your organization’s SLA

Measure and improve your helpdesk performance

  • Configure ticket views for users in support groups based on roles and permissions.
  • Automatically create maintenance activities or work orders from the ticket
  • Ensure action is taken with check-in and check-outs

Keep all relevant details in one place

  • Upload Images, videos and other relevant files while reporting a problem
  • Filter tickets based on assignee, user groups, priority, dates, and status of tickets (open, assigned, on hold and closed).
  • Export all your tickets and their history any time
  • Define ticket categories for different types of problems
  • Get inside assistance at any time with our help button.

Receive Help desk notifications wherever you are

Send notifications to users via email, SMS or push notification whenever tickets are assigned, updated or closed. Set reminders and escalations based on your organization’s ticket priorities.

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