Asset Verification Audits help ensure your data is accurate and up to date

Asset Infinity’s audit functions double check that the asset register’s records & details are correct.

What are Asset Verification Audits?

Your assets are always being used and moved around. Audits verify your assets – making sure they’re in the right location, checking their condition, or whether they exist in the first place!

Create reports to analyze results

  • Reports automatically highlight all the variances in three categories:
    • Matched assets - assets found during the verification process and traced to the asset list
    • Unrecorded additions - assets found during the audit process but not found in the asset list
    • Unrecorded retirements - assets found in the asset list but not found during the verification process

Allocate responsibility and ensure maintenance is done right

  • Filter activities based on assignees, locations, and status.
  • In-built checklist functionality to marked activities off as they are completed.
  • See & filter lists of all activities completed by an assignee or on an asset.

The Audit Process in a nutshell

  • Assign audits to individual employees
  • Selected employees receive an email with the option to mark assets as “present”, “not present”, or “present with inaccurate information” within the mobile or website applications
  • Generate reports with all the variances found during the physical verification & reconcile information with the asset infinity record list.

Set clear responsibility and timelines

  • Aided audits can be created based on locations, categories or departments.
  • Create and assign audits to employees based on assets category/location without overlap
  • Define a start date and end date for performing physical verification

Physical Verification in an instant

  • Use the Android and iOS mobile app to scan and verify assets
  • Offline verification automatically synced when reconnected to the internet
  • Generate fast reports which are exportable to Excel

Automate the Audits

  • Users are automatically notified as and when the audit starts.
  • Bulk upload audit plans to create repetitive and recurring audits.
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