Speed-up problem solving in your facilities using the breakdown and complaint management helpdesk

Automate support tickets, assign them to the correct group of users, and close them in no time. Asset Infinity helpdesk does all this, automatically.

A single place for all your support

Record breakdowns, complaints or requests from anywhere and notify the concerned support teams for quick responses. Auto-assign tickets to users based on type of problems, priorities, locations or even asset categories.

No ticket goes unnoticed.

Ensure early closure with reminders and escalations. Setup configurable workflows, and send happy-codes to the original ticket filers to mark as complete.

Everything you need for faster problem solving

  • Prioritize tickets based on your configurable criteria
  • Categorize complaints by problems/ticket type to people best suited to solving them.
  • Automatically assign tickets to user groups based on the ticket types, locations or assets.
  • Capture descriptions, images, videos or attach files with tickets.
  • Maintain all changes and updates done on a ticket. Export all information in a PDF at any time.

Alerts and Notifications

  • Send out breakdown alerts using email, SMS or mobile push notifications
  • Update all users in the support group or only the assignee whenever a ticket gets updated
  • Notify users when a ticket is closed with an option to send a confirmation code for ticket closure.
  • Reminders and escalations based on the ticket types and priorities as per the organization’s SLAs.
  • Automatically add remarks and comments in the ticket when someone replies to a ticket email.

Make sure support always arrives

  • Ensure action on complaints with check-in and check-out at the correct location.
  • Assignees record the repairs done, costs incurred, and spares consumed.
  • Send confirmation (or ‘happy-codes’) to the ticket reporter once the problem is solved.
  • Automatically create maintenance activities or work orders from the ticket.
  • Use maps to track users and assign tickets based on the nearest available technician.
  • Create custom fields and checklists on ticket forms to capture all your information.

Measure and improve your helpdesk performance

  • Filter out tickets based on status
    • Open - when the ticket it assigned to the user group but hasn’t been assigned to a user
    • Assigned - when the ticket is assigned to a specific assignee
    • Closed - when the ticket has been marked as closed
    • On-Hold – when the ticket is put to hold due to any reason
  • Calculate TAT, closure date and time whenever a ticket is closed to improve efficiency
  • Export all tickets with the required information at any time into Excel or CSV
  • Create Daily, Weekly, and monthly schedules for inspections.
  • Create custom reports based on the update history of tickets.
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