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How Asset Tracking Software Helps Law Enforcement Agency?

How Asset Tracking Software Helps Law Enforcement Agency?

How Asset Tracking Software Helps Law Enforcement Agency?

Every now and then, there's an unpleasant story pops out within a law enforcement agency like missing assets of an officer, equipment, tools or even their arms and vehicles. And this causes an unfortunate situation for an officer, where it comes down to life and death situations.

When the situation is so intense you cannot rely upon unmaintained vehicles or equipment (guns & machinery). Therefore, asset tracking and maintenance for law enforcement is required. After all, it can be a matter of life and death.

According to Forbes, last year, a total of 106 police officers lost their lives on duty in the United Nations of America. These officers were feloniously or accidentally killed in the line of duty. Unfortunately, as per records, on an average 100 police officers die every year in the U.S.A alone.

Hence, it's the responsibility of the police department to equip their officers with required supplies, in order to save themselves and civilians. The supplies consist of IT equipment, radios, weapons, patrol cars, station furniture, etc.

What is Asset Tracking & Management Software? Why use It?

Asset Management is simply a process for tracking and monitoring the fixed or movable assets for financial accounting, preventive maintenance, and theft deterrence purposes.

The main objective of an asset tracking system is to maximize asset control efficiency and minimize equipment loss. Organizations should implement this asset management software to solve such issues with features like automated tracking methods with fixed scanners, bar codes, asset tags which generate a report to managing the asset.

When asset management is not done professionally. Then it leads to forgotten items, broken or lost equipment, human errors, hours spent on searching the items that might have mysteriously disappeared, inaccurate information. These are just a few of the possibilities.

The asset management system not only solves the above issues, but it also enhances the overall proficiency. It is not only simple and powerful, but it can also be customized keeping your unique requirements in mind for better outcomes.

Effective Asset Tracking Solutions are critically effective for location monitoring, inventory counts, oversight of maintenance, asset condition, and depreciation for high value and business-critical assets.

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Asset tracking software assists law enforcement in several ways

Asset tracking software helps law enforcement

Always know equipment's real-time location

We know that law and police enforcement work really hard to keep the public safe. We also know they have very limited resources and a strict budget to fulfill their requirement. Hence, it is important to keep their asset locations tracked in order to save unnecessary expenses.

Several operational processes in a police department are done manually, which results in a slow process and prone to human error. When assets are lost, unmaintained, or damaged then, it can be life-threatening if vital equipment is not available in an emergency situation.

The asset tracking management software monitors assets and keeps them tracked and reduces the chances of loss or missing assets.

Analyze asset performance

When budget is a big issue then the police department must consider the following questions in order to save money.

How an asset is performing?

Is it taking more maintenance than required?

You must keep asking these types of questions to yourself. Also, it is equally important that you understand the lifecycle of an asset.

Compare the expenses related to the asset with the desired performance. If an asset is no longer productive then the responsible person can dispose of it, sell it or donate it. Therefore, one should always keep track of asset performance. It can be easily done with the help of asset tracking software.

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Reduce maintenance expenses

Bad management of assets leads to a decreased lifespan of an asset. At the operational stage of the life cycle of an asset, the department can confront several maintenance issues. Maintenance issues can hurt the department's pocket badly.

Here, asset tracking software does the job for you, it keeps the whole information & data of all assets. It also helps in scheduling a maintenance job as well and create alerts for you. It assists in saving a lot of money by identifying unproductive items.

Then again, under-maintenance can prompt diminished efficiency. So, maintenance should be done on a regular basis & you can keep track of maintenance with the software.

Therefore, with asset tracking software assistance, you can keep track of your assets. Moreover, you can easily see records through which you can identify which asset needs maintenance and avoid unexpected maintenance.

Dependable Geo-location

This feature enhances calls for reinforcement support, empowering teams to show up when & wherever required. Real-time mapping with GPS permits reinforcement teams to know where other teams are going, regardless of whether the main vehicle is moving or not.

Asset history & records

Regardless of whether an officer is appointed equipment for an issue which can be a long-term issue or just for the day, asset tracking software keeps a record, who has which item and log that record in the database. It gives a complete chain-of-custody reporting system for all assets.

Suppose car keys are missing! So, with the RFID assistance, the software can show the records of who was last seen with those car keys. This will save you time and help you find those missing keys. Items recently checked-in or checked-out can be viewed within a few clicks.

It is anything but difficult to perceive any outstanding equipment, who holds it and when it is expected to be returned back.

Check-in & check-out

In Asset tracking software, Check-in check-out is a very beneficial feature. It can improve accuracy and reduce the time spent passing out assets and receiving assets. Through search option facility you can find an asset by its name, tag, vendor name, employee name, etc.

For e.g. you can check if a particular car is assigned to which police officer and when it will be returned back to the department.

Check-in & check-out is very useful especially for the police department because they have lots of assets & inventories such as cars, guns, bullets, etc. It allows multiple assets to multiple assignees for checking in & out in a single transaction.

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The general objective of asset tracking is to save your time and cash. It increases the productivity of police officers. It enables to keep real-time monitoring of your supplies, assets & inventories.

Asset tracking software informs you about how many fixed assets you own, what is the exact location of an asset, or what's the condition of that asset. It can give you notification & alert when an asset needs maintenance. This also plays a major role in tracking assets for any government enforcement agency allocated to their police officers, their vehicles & armaments as well.

It's done with various asset tracking techniques such as Barcode, QR Code, RFID, GPS, NFC, etc.

Asset Infinity offers a range of variety of tracking solutions to support law enforcement. We will assist decision-makers to select the gadgets. That will be effective for departmental requirements. Get in touch with us today and we will help you with assessing your needs.

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