Check-in/check-out Asset tracking system

Maintain a complete record of your equipment locations, usage, and responsible users.

Set Return dates with notifications & reminders

Assign return due dates to different employees and departments, complete with automatic emails to ensure they are met. Instantly identify items as returned by scanning their RFID, QR-codes, or Bar-codes.

Customize the paperwork

Create custom sign-off sheets, delivery notes, and receipts during check-in and check out.

Hardware inventory tracking for complete control

  • Reduce the time required to locate items
  • optimize your inventory by monitoring which items are used most or least
  • See the age of your assets to retire old products or create maintenance schedules
  • Quickly process each transaction will a couple scans.
  • Hold each user responsible for all the items they use

Instantly scan and allocate your equipment

  • Give permissions to users while staying clear exactly who’s responsible for a specific asset
  • Instantly scan assets using Barcodes, QR codes, or RFID tags
  • Create detailed reports on monthly movements for each piece of equipment

Attach additional information for faster identification

  • Attach files, remarks, images, or any other helpful content to transfer files.
  • Change asset status to reflect usage or stock levels during transfers
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