Everything you need to Track & Manage Your Assets In One Place

Measure everything about your assets – Instantly.

Information at a glance

Check the entire movement & update history of any specific asset. View maintenance tickets, schedules, and activities, and total lifetime expenses.

Instant Identification

Automatically generate unique asset codes for each asset. Use Barcodes or QR codes to scan information & update asset information from your phone

Track Your Asset Movements

  • Allocate assets to users, departments, or locations
  • Simple Check-In/Out process
  • Change asset status like In Use, In Stock or any custom status while transferring assets
  • Automatic email reminders when the asset return deadlines
  • Get PDF sign-off sheets on each asset movement
  • Create a trail of accountability by always knowing the current and previous asset users

All your asset details in one place

  • Categorize assets based on their location and category.
  • Classify assets based on
    • Status: (In Use, Out for Repair or In Stock.
    • Condition: New, Repair Needed, Damaged
    • Self-owned or partner owned
    • Any other Custom Classification criteria
    • Add images and other related files to financial data and purchase prices

Discard your assets without confusion

  • Discard assets and mark them as sold, lost, retired or any other custom status.
  • Create sales invoices or discard sheets by entering scrap prices and vendor details
  • Put return dates to send automatic reminders when the asset needs to be returned.
  • Keep all information at one place even when you have retired your assets.
  • Option to restore discarded assets back to your asset list.

A Breeze to Set Up

  • Upload all your asset details using our in-built spreadsheet tool
  • Automatically adapt your current formats, categories, locations & other important fields
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