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7 Major Key Features of a Robust IT Asset Management Software

7 Major Key Features of a Robust IT Asset Management Software

7 Major Key Features of a Robust IT Asset Management Software

From hotels to datacenters, from automobiles to hospitality. Almost all industries are dependent on IT assets. Without IT assets, it would not be possible to complete their operations and tasks. Therefore, Robust IT asset management is a necessity for an organization.

Consequently, IT asset management software is required to maintain IT assets and it also helps in asset tracking. Other than this, it also provides several features which we will describe below.

However, all the features of IT asset management software are not meant for all industries. But definitely you will find features in the software that you will find useful as per your industry.

Thus, major key features of an IT asset management software need to have within an asset management software.

7 Must-Have Features of an IT Asset Management Software

Features of an IT asset management software
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1. Real-time Information

This is one of the most important features of the software. The teams of any organization can know all the asset-related information.

For e.g. What are the current assets possessed by the organization? What are their current exact locations? How many assets are being utilized? Which employee is using it? When it will be in a free state?

As a result, no asset is lost or forgotten, all assets are being tracked! Real-time information helps in managing daily task and daily operations are improved! Task planning and scheduling are also enhanced with this feature.

2. Alerts and Notifications

IT asset management software keeps you in the loops and sends you notifications and alerts on each activity. Therefore, you are always informed and updated about your assets.

You will receive alerts and notifications when your software license is expiring or when your assets need maintenance or any asset-related information via alerts and notifications, as per your custom notification settings.

3. Asset Tracking

The most basic yet most powerful feature is asset tracking. It lets you know the exact details on a real-time basis. Secondly, it assists you in scheduling the maintenance of the asset.

Since you are using an asset tracking system, your asset/item cannot go out of your radar. You will never have to buy assets unnecessarily and always have information where are your assets & who is using.

You can also track maintenance records and analyze if any asset is taking more maintenance then required so you can discard or sell that asset at disposal value.

4. Check-in Check-out

It is one of the most crucial features of the software and for your company. It can improve accuracy and reduce the time spent on tracking assets when it goes out of the facility and getting back in. Through Search option facility you can find an asset by its name, tag, vendor name, employee name, etc.

Check-in & check-out is very useful for industries or companies who have lots of assets such as School, Hotel, Library, etc. It allows multiple assets to multiple assignees for checking in & out in a single transaction.

Overall, it let you know accurate information such as who is currently using it & when the asset will be available for other employees to use. The IT asset management software has a user-centric procedure of managing, and granting access to assets can be significantly facilitated.

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4. Mobile-friendly Interface

Mobile-friendly Interface IT Asset Management Software

Most assets are manageable from the desk itself but some physical assets (big machines & equipment) which need inspection also. In this type of scenario, the mobile feature really comes handy.

You can put every small detail about the asset directly when you are inspecting the asset. You do not have to wait to go back to your office and then write detail about it. In case, you wait to go back to the office then write about it, chances are you might forget small details about an asset. As long as the IT asset management software has a mobile interface, you don't have to worry about it.

An ideal IT asset management software should be able to work flawlessly with desktop, laptop, tablets, etc. All these devices must have full functionality, one should not be bounded to desktop only to interact with software.

The mobile features must empower you to use the software easily & most importantly anywhere, anytime.

5. Cloud-based Technology

Cloud-based technology offers a lot. It provides several advantages to your organization. First, you don't need to depend on your IT teams to install software, patches & updates; the cloud itself takes care of these.

Moreover, the software isn't on your server, you don't need to stress over issues with PC crashes or clashes with different projects.

In addition, whenever the new update or any new feature is launched you will automatically receive the same. Cloud-based technology is really helpful and saves your organization a lot of expenses.

6. Integration

IT asset management software should be able to integrate with other software & systems, and it can be merged with other technology for achieving results and reports as the way you want. It enables organizations to enhance the productivity of their employees.

For example, A huge organization has several branches. And when the central IT department needs to gather all software and hardware information in their whole organization then an automatic network tool is utilized.

It is capable of scanning computers, other devices & collects all the required information. Therefore, manual inventory counting is not required, time & effort saved through this process. These types of tools easily integrate with IT asset management software & authorize you to manage them.

Here is another example, by putting an RFID tag (asset tracking technique) on the vehicle, you can identify and log the vehicles and different vehicles that enter the parking, premises or some other assigned area. The security software can be integrating with other software and it can trigger the entryway to open automatically once the vehicle identified. This also keeps up an entry & exit leave log for security reasons.

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IT asset management software helps your organization in audits and one of the important tools for your business growth. It also assists in increasing the asset life cycle and keeps tracks of it. When you implement Robust IT asset management you will notice its effect. It has the potential to take your business to a new level.

Its main objective is to reduce the labor required to satisfy these requirements while increasing the reliability and completeness of this information.

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