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What Is Mobile Maintenance Software? How It Can Be Helpful in Terms of Asset Management?

What Is Mobile Maintenance Software? How It Can Be Helpful in Terms of Asset Management?

What Is Mobile Maintenance Software? How It Can Be Helpful in Terms of Asset Management?

The mobile phone is a powerful tool that not only connects to the world but features so many other benefits as well. It has become an indispensable tool for employees, managers, etc. to work even as they are away from their offices. The mobile phone becomes especially important when managing assets. Here is where mobile-enabled maintenance software becomes important and makes it possible to easily manage the assets even when personnel are away from the office or on travel.

What Is a Mobile Maintenance Software?

The mobile technology is opening up a universe of opportunities, including new advances for business applications. A very good example is CMMS mobile maintenance software which empowers maintenance staff to leverage all features of an asset management software (AMS) anywhere by only using their cell phones.

Mobile maintenance software has been there for a long time. With technological innovations and advances, the number of organizations utilizing this technology is continuously rising. The mobile technology has all the answers for their business needs.

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Mobile maintenance software enables in managing assets, viewing inventories, using maintenance-related information and creating work orders. The best part is the application can be adapted as per the priority and requirements of the organization.

What Benefits Mobile Maintenance Software Provides?

Mobile maintenance software has its own benefits:

Higher Productivity

Enhanced automation, fast communication and well-organized processes are techniques that add value to the organization. When you are enabled to access data at any time, you are able to make use of actionable information to make better business decisions.

Moreover, maintenance is a very important part of business operations. With mobile technology, you can check maintenance schedules and assign activity to personnel accordingly. This ensures that no hindrance occurs during maintenance activity like lack of communication or absence of a skilled employee.

Increased Data Accuracy

What type of maintenance is acquired by an asset, how much it will cost and for how long an asset will work efficiently after servicing are the kind of questions that are addressed and crucial data is made available for the business.

Accurate data is very critical to the business. Hence, functional reports are a big factor in driving informed business decisions. If accuracy is compromised, decisions are not going to appropriate and will adversely affect the business. Therefore, reliable data is paramount.

Real-Time Visibility

In today's world, everyone is carrying their smartphone with them. From personal use, these phones are actively used for office work too. With maintenance software application installed in the mobile, the user can get real-time updates on the assets like the status of maintenance operations, the current location of assets, etc.

Eliminating Manual Paper Work

Having access to asset information and files on the mobile means the personnel do not have to check the data manually. Data is well-managed and secured in the database and files can be accessed instantly.

Besides, as everything is being managed on a cloud-based system, there is hardly any need for paperwork and its inherent errors. Digital documents can be searched and stored easily as all data is accessible online.

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Scheduled Maintenance

This is one of the key benefits, through which maintenance can be scheduled via mobile. As we all know, an unexpected breakdown can be very damaging for a company and can cost a lot too. However, asset management software assists by ensuring the maintenance of the assets at the right time.

Better Collaboration

When asset maintenance is to be performed in an organization, several people need to be looped into for operational purpose for the maintenance activity to be effective. With mobile software, all files and information are shared with the necessary personnel and all get to be on the same page. This truly makes for better collaboration.

How Mobile Maintenance Software Is Useful in Asset Management?

Asset management is required for the business to monitor and manage assets using a systemized approach. The benefits from asset management include improvement in productivity and efficiency to guide the business on a growth path and assure a high return on investment.

Asset management can be done through a mobile phone powered with the software application. Furthermore, it provides with access and convenience to view all business assets, any time anywhere. If the location of an asset is to be found, the user can simply access the application on the mobile and get the necessary information.

Here are some benefits of a mobile application for asset management:

  • Notifications - Alerts and notifications about assets for maintenance. It means users do not have to remember dates as the application does it for you.
  • Increase in productivity - You do not have to collect information about assets and go to the workstation to fill up the inputs n the system. You can fill up information via mobile, be productive and stay in command.
  • Ease and convenience of use - With an internet connection, you can access your assets and retrieve information about them, wherever you are.
  • Real-time access to business assets - Through mobile, you have access to real-time data such as where an asset is currently located, what its status is, etc.
  • Scanning capabilities - Some mobiles have an in-built feature of scanning barcode, QR Code, etc. It means you don't need to buy other scanners.
  • Data accuracy - When manual data entries are turned into automatic via mobile, it not only results in fast processing but also higher data accuracy.
  • Asset tracking and management - Today, asset tracking and management is not confined to a fixed work-station only. You can manage it from anywhere anytime using smartphones.

Other than these aspects, mobile phones can help in tracking and managing assets. Moreover, it also enables you to discard assets, view movement history of assets, and know about audits and physical verification results.

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The main reason why you should get mobile maintenance software for asset management is due to the high degree of flexibility and efficiency. If for nothing else, the sheer saving of time itself is considerable. The voluminous everyday operations alone make it an advantageous investment. Besides, it adds a lot of value to your organization.

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