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Equipment Tracking and Maintenance - Asset Infinity

Our Logo

This is Asset Infinity’s logo that should always be used. There are three versions to ensure optimum legibility.

Black Logo


Color Logo


Grey Logo


Trademark Usage

Asset Infinity™ maintains its website and mobile application including features, products, and services. You can use the guidelines to use or visually present our brand. All the access and use of our trademark and logos is subject to the terms and conditions set forth below, your use of our brand assets indicates and constitutes your acceptance of these guidelines. You also understand that your use of trademark and logos in violation of these guidelines will result in automatic termination of your license and/or permission to use.

  • Use of our brand assets and your entry into these guidelines shall not affect any written agreement, all of which shall remain in full force and effect according to their terms.
  • You should not mislead the consumers as your company or your products or services to our sponsorship, affiliation or endorsement.  
  • Our brand assets are our exclusive property. All the goodness that will result from your side using our brand assets will be entirely to our benefit.
  • Wherever used on a web page, our brand assets as well as our name, it should include an embedded hyperlink to our homepage:
  • Our brand assets must be used in a respectful manner. Our brand assets shall not be used in a manner that it can either harm us, our products, our services or lessens or damages our reputation in any other way. We request you to not to associate our brand assets with any illicit or illegal activities or use them in any harmful manner.


Manufacturing Equipment Audit - Asset Infinity

You should always use our chosen typography, logos, and colors, ensuring that our typography is consistent and legible across all our communication channels.

  • Logos are mentioned above with their colors.
  • Our primary font is Quicksand, this belongs from sans serif type family. It is used for all the titles and body text.
  • Our primary font color across all titles is Orange and secondary font color used for body text is Black.
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By using Asset Infinity trademark and resource from this site, you agree to follow all the guidelines provided according to our brand guidelines, Terms of Service and all other rules and policies. If you have any question regarding obligations under these trademark guidelines, please contact us at Please submit your request in English (non-English materials must come with translations).