Use of CMMS Mobile Maintenance Software in Routine Maintenance Operations
June 2, 2020

Use of CMMS Mobile Maintenance Software in Routine Maintenance Operations

Use of CMMS Mobile Maintenance Software in Routine Maintenance Operations

Mobile technology has brought new possibilities to the world, including the field of maintenance. For instance, mobile maintenance software allows maintenance personnel to work smoothly with the computerized maintenance management system (CMMS) anywhere via their mobile devices.

Though mobile maintenance software has been a recent technological phenomenon, its increased adoption is making organizations accept it as the solution for their maintenance activity. The mobile maintenance app features many benefits that push for implementing it across organizations for their maintenance needs.

What Are the Functions of CMMS Mobile Maintenance Software?

CMMS is a computerized maintenance management software that centralizes the maintenance information and facilitates the maintenance processes. It also helps in optimizing the use and availability of physical equipment like vehicles, machinery, communications, plant infrastructure and other assets.

The information in a CMMS database supports the following functions of the system:

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Resource and Labour Management

CMMS mobile maintenance software tracks the available employees as well as equipment certifications. Crews can be assembled and assigned relevant tasks through the application. The app can also organize shifts and manage pay rates.

Asset Registry

The CMMS stores, retrieves and shares asset information such as:

  • Manufacturer, model, serial number, equipment class and its type.
  • Associated costs and codes.
  • Location and position.
  • Performance and downtime statistics.
  • Associated documentation, video and images such as repair manuals, safety procedures and warranties
  • Availability of meters, sensors and Internet of Things (IoT) instrumentation.

Work Order Management

Work order management is considered as one of the main functions of CMMS, that includes information such as:

  • Work order number
  • Description and priority
  • Order type (repair, replace, scheduled)
  • Cause and remedy codes
  • Personnel assigned and materials used

Work order management through mobile maintenance app also includes capabilities to:

  • Automate work order generation
  • Reserve materials and equipment
  • Schedule and assign employees, crews and shifts
  • Review status and track downtime
  • Record planned and actual costs
  • Attach associated documentation, repair and safety media

Preventive Maintenance

CMMS automates initiation of work orders depending on time, usage or triggered events. It organizes and links assets across multiple orders, sequences and schedules them for preventive work orders so that they can be executed efficiently.

Materials and Inventory Management

Maintenance and repair operations (MRO) form a major factor for going for CMMS maintenance software. The system works across storage areas, distribution centers, and facilities. It also manages and tracks supplies, records inventory costs, and generates automated re-supply.

Reporting, Analysis and Auditing

The mobile maintenance software generates reports for all maintenance categories such as asset availability, materials usage, labor and material costs, supplier assessments and much more.

CMMS analyzes all the data and information regarding asset deployment, performance trends, MRO inventory optimization and other information to support business decisions and gather preparatory information for audits.

What Is the Importance of CMMS Mobile Maintenance Software?

As is well known, CMMS takes care of the complete maintenance work in an organization.

Here mobile maintenance software for CMMS plays an important role in delivering reliable uptime by:

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Asset Visibility

CMMS database centralizes information and enables maintenance managers to provide instant response as to when an asset was purchased, when maintenance was performed, how frequent the breakdowns were, which parts were used, what the efficiency ratings were and so forth.

Workflow and Dashboard

All dashboards and workflows should be visible so technicians can be assigned follow up actions and the status of maintenance task in progress can be done in real time. Teams can also easily discover where an asset is, what maintenance it needs, who should work on it and when to carry it out.

Automated Workflow

Mobile maintenance app sets up an automated platform for the workflow ranging from tasks such as ordering parts, replenishing MRO inventory, scheduling shifts, compiling information for audits and other administrative steps. At the end of the day, the system helps in saving precious time, reducing manual errors, improving productivity and focusing the teams on their specific maintenance tasks.

Streamlined Processes

Work orders can be viewed and tracked by all the personnel involved. Details can be shared across mobile devices to coordinate work in the field with operational centers. The mobile maintenance app helps in prioritizing and optimizing material and resource distribution and utilization.

Managing Workforces

Management of internal and external field workforces can be complex and costly. CMMS and asset management software together can coordinate between internal teams and external partnerships and deploy them in a cost-effective manner.

The latest asset management solutions offer advancement in connectivity, mobility, augmented reality and blockchain to transform field operations to a different level.

Preventive Maintenance

The mobile maintenance software enables maintenance operations to move from a reactive to a proactive approach. Data derived from daily activities and sensors, meters and other IoT devices delivers insights to processes and assets. This triggers alerts before an asset fails or underperforms, thus helping in taking informed preventive measures.

Compliance Management

Compliance audits can be irksome to maintenance operations and asset-intensive businesses as a whole. Data captured by CMMS makes an audit easier by generating responses and reports tailored to an audit's demands.

Health, Safety and Environment

The CMMS mobile maintenance software also allows central reporting for safety, health, and environmental concerns. The objective is to reduce risks and ensure a safe operating environment. CMMS provides an inspection mechanism to analyze recurring incidents or defects, incidents, corrective actions, traceability, and process change management.

Note: By using Android and IOS mobile maintenance app, customers experience better communication, accountability and productivity in their maintenance program, with an overall improvement of 30%.

How Efficient Is the Use of Mobile Maintenance App?

Power of Mobile App

Automated Synchronization

  • Once submitted, work requests automatically sync into the computer system, mobile phone and tablet.
  • The work request is automatically assigned to the responsible person with detailed instructions for its execution.

Reduction in Time Spent on Work Order by 34%

  • There are several configurable options, including the ones like uploading a photo, allowing requesters to provide critical information to your team so they know exactly what the problem is before fixing it.
  • Work is automated and organized in a prioritized order, so the work gets done by the right person.
  • Communication is automatic and immediate across your team as activities are initiated, started, executed, and completed.

Reduction in Time Consumed with Requesters by 41% (Calls, Emails, Texts)

  • Requesters can submit their problem/requests from anywhere using mobile maintenance app, instead of calling and interrupting the team.
  • Requesters are automatically kept in the loop as work is registered, its processing and completion confirmed. This results in lesser duplicated tickets and distracting follow-up calls.

Power of Mobile App to Handle Maintenance Tasks

  • .View and assign work orders.
  • Speech to text.
  • Log the work orders within few seconds.
  • Receive instant communications via push and email notifications.
  • Start new work orders even while out in the field.
  • Respond to and log problems while actually working on the problem.
  • Lookup critical asset information while diagnosing a problem.
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Mobile maintenance software makes it easier for everyone in the organization to stay updated with maintenance operations. It also makes the operations more efficient, flexible, convenient and productive. The benefits mentioned above have influenced many companies to prefer CMMS and asset management with mobile maintenance app.

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