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Enhancing Inventory Management with our Food & Beverage inventory software

Food & Beverage Industry has a lot of assets and equipments. They need to be properly tracked & maintained. Moreover, facilities have utilities such as electricity, water, gas etc. They also need to be maintained. As new outlets keep opening regularly so assets are moved from one location to another so tracking is essential.

Restaurant Inventory Software - Asset Infinity

Maximize uptime of production asset


Make improvement with reports

Reports reveal pitfalls and help in improving assets performance, optimize daily operations.

Solve issues in real time 

Google map integration for service technicians tracking in the field. This helps in problem solving quickly in a specific area.

Prioritize work orders

Some assets are more important than others. Therefore, it is important to prioritize work orders.


Fast & effective breakdown maintenance

Breakdown ticket raised by facility managers. A notification, email, & SMS is sent to the technician for assigning ticket. Technicians tracked on google maps to assign tickets to the nearest available technicians. This process ensures that quick actions are taken to resolve issues. Preventive maintenance alerts technician & store manager in advance.

Schedule preventive maintenance
Utility consumption tracking
Food and Beverage Inventory Software - Asset Infinity
Restaurant Inventory Management Software - Asset Infinity

Boost your outlet efficiency with data

With the help of this software, you can keep track of utilities consumption. Proper tracking of technician performance to improve productivity. For each work order, maintenance & repair expenses are also included. You can take actions to improve efficiency.

Roles and responsibilities are assigned to the technician as per the location.

Capture utility consumption for each facility.


The check list is there for the maintenance team, so no activities are forgotten.

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We understand the value of our clients, that is why we believe in going extra mile for customers and provide support 24*7.

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