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Asset tracking & maintenance management for all industries and use cases

Being a highly configurable solution, Asset Infinity works across industries and manages any type of assets, equipment and maintenance.

IT Asset Tracking

IT Asset Tracking

IT asset tracking is essential as the IT industry has all size assets from small to big, that is why implementing asset tracking is crucial.

RFID Asset Tracking - Asset Infinity

RFID Asset Tracking

RFID helps in quick physical verifications and counting of assets. It simplifies asset management process & takes a comprehensive approach to achieving business objectives.

Manufacturing Asset Management


An effective asset management can help in estimating infrastructure cost. It can assist in minimizing downtime of assets and increase asset efficiency that can boost production work.

Facility Asset Management

Facility Management

Facilities are huge and equipped with lots of asset now easily plan to acquire, operate, maintain, retire & discard asset with asset management software.

Education Asset Management


Precise asset management tools help education firms to maximize asset usability that is crucial for running daily operations.

Restaurant Inventory Software

Food & Beverages

Food & Beverages are huge and equipped with lots of asset now easily plan to acquire, operate, maintain, retire & discard asset with asset management software

Hotel Asset Management


Unlock hotel potential by optimizing operation and return on investment with asset management software assistance.

Healthcare Asset Management


Real time information is important in the healthcare industry which can be achieved with RFID technology. This technology also helps in keeping track of pharmaceuticals.

Retail Asset Management


A retail facility such as a shopping mall is equipped with valuable products, HVAC, lighting, room appliances, vehicles, mobile devices that need to be tracked that you can easily do with asset tracking.

Oil & Gas Asset Management

Oil & Gas

Data is crucial in the oil & gas industry & it can play a significant role in business growth. Our asset management provides reports & analytics.

Banking Asset Management

Banking & ATMs

Keep track of ATMs deployed to various locations & regularly check their condition as well on your mobile phone & schedule maintenance on the go!

Utility Asset Management


Record daily utilities such as water, electricity, gas. You can control utility bills. When consumption limits cross budget you will be notified.

IT Asset Management Software - Asset Infinity
IT Asset management SOFTWARE

Take Smart Decisions with  Asset Management Software

Asset Management Software provide detailed reports that are helpful in making strategic and informed decisions. You can allocate IT assets to the individual. Below we have mentioned a few highlights of our IT asset management & tracking software.

asset audit

Conduct audits and physical verifications across all locations for statutory compliances.

asset manager

Central helpdesk to monitor breakdown maintenance tasks.

simple asset tracking solution

Much quicker asset verification every year using the mobile app and built-in scanner.