Sometimes your company needs brand new equipment to replace the old one in a short period of time. This state of an affair may force your business to extra spending for the establishment and maintenance of the new equipment.

Therefore, your company necessitates adopting preventive maintenance to optimize the performance of assets for your business use. Regular maintenance of equipment will help improve the equipment life and for long-last performances. Planned maintenance will reduce equipment breakdown preventing your company from executing additional unplanned maintenances.

Preventive Maintenance an Uphill Task

If you are planning to initiate a preventive maintenance software program, your company needs a team of experts to engage in maintenance management. First, you would decide whether the installment of preventive maintenance could bring benefits to your business because preventive maintenance programs can consume time and it can be costly. All the assets of your company would need a protocol for maintenance and repair preference.

For example, a printer used at your company’s office doesn’t need to be repaired every day. There is a need for scheduling maintenance work. It could be a weekly basis or another period of time. Unnecessary repairing of computer would harm the system software.

On the other hand, you have a power generator at your manufacturing unit. This machine needs fueling on a regular basis. The components of the generator are also required to be cleaned and lubricated regularly.

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Need for Scheduling the Maintenance Program

In order to resolve the problem of the preventive maintenance of your fixed assets, the company has to schedule the maintenance and repairing plan. The information of these assets would be recorded in a register book. The fixed assets of your company include certain kinds of items like insurance, building, land, machines, furniture, etc.

The asset items owned by a company would be listed in the register including their details such as asset types, the place where the asset is located, date of purchase, the utility of the asset, and annual depreciation. All the information will be entered in the asset register.

At the time of repairing an asset, the process will be recorded in the register.  For example, a car used at your company’s office needs to be repaired. First, the vehicle will be taken to an automobile workshop. The mechanics will open its body parts to check the problem.

There is also a possibility of replacement of some components with new ones. It may take a long time in the process of repairing and allocating it to the company. This procedure will be recorded in the register.

Paper-Based Preventive Maintenance and Its Drawback

The problem of maintaining the record of assets on the paper register can be too critical for your business. In the course of time, when the owner of the assets wishes to recover the car, the asset manager will look up to the register book.

The data in a register may be recorded in date-wise, alphabetical order of asset name, or a specific code number of the asset. There is a chance where the person who did the data entry had misplacement of data totally forgot to enter the data.

In this case, the ‘missing’ car might be located somewhere in the company’s garage unattended. It is possible that some other staffs are misusing the vehicle. The circumstance could be varied from purchasing a new car to an accusation of thievery. Such kind of adversity could affect your business.

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Preventive Maintenance Software to Prevent Loss

With the introduction of new technology, asset maintenance service providers come with the new software to manage the preventive maintenance process. Asset Infinity, online asset maintenance, and tracking software give you a dynamic platform to manage your assets.

Its asset tracking system allows you to track and follow your assets wherever they are allocated. All the data of the fixed assets are recorded in a digital entry. The software is available for desktop, mobile phone, and tablet formats.

With, Asset Infinity mobile asset tracking software, the user can keep in touch with the fixed assets. The equipment tracking software allows the users to create and design tag multiple barcode or QR code, and sticker templates to each of the asset. This will indicate the location and status of the assets.

A user of asset management software can also share information with multiple users. At the time of recovery, they will use a decoding scanning to read the code. The assets can be retrieved without any trouble at a short period of time.