Industrial Plant Maintenance Software

Asset Infinity lets you manage your facilities wherever you are, without disturbing your workflow.

Keep the production line moving using Plant Maintenance CMMS

CMMS (Computerized maintenance management system) is software that helps facilities streamline their operations and waste less resources and money. Management software is useful for automotive manufacturers, factories, canneries, or any other facility which turns raw materials into finished goods.

Lower costs & prevent waste by eliminating waste

Asset Infinity’s CMMS plant management software collects data and helps you allocate responsibility to employees. Reduce equipment downtime using preventive maintenance, and streamline your processes.

Scan equipment with barcodes, QR codes, and RFID tags

  • Automatically add your current equipment to the cloud-based system
  • Use your phone’s camera to Scan & track assets using bar-codes.
  • Print asset stickers right form Asset Infinity or create sticker PDFs.
  • Asset Infinity is already integrated with industry leading barcode printers.
  • Our mobile apps make it extremely simple to scan and check asset details at any time.
  • Tag your assets with RFID tags and use RFID handheld and fixed readers to capture asset movements automatically.

Fully Customizable CMMS maintenance software

  • Tailor Asset Infinity to match your business’ unique needs.
  • Monitor assets based on conditions like New, Repair Needed, Damaged.
  • Attach asset images and related files store all your purchase and financial data along with the data like purchase date, price, vendor information, warranty and AMC date.
  • Set up reminders on warranty dates, AMC renewals or any other critical dates.

Save costs with utility monitoring

  • Identify operating inefficiencies and increase savings on your utilities. Not just for energy, but water, waste, air quality, wellbeing, productivity and more!
  • Track costs across multiple locations from one interface
  • Record electricity, gas, or any custom meters
  • Create daily, weekly or monthly schedules to record meter readings
  • Capture readings automatically with IoT device integration
  • Receive alerts when utility usage exceeds a threshold
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