Asset Management Software for Manufacturing

Reduce operating & maintenance costs while boosting your output. Register your automotive plants & other assets for better performance& output.

All your critical information at your fingertips

Track leased equipment with return due dates. Instantly view warranty information, asset location, and more, from one simple interface.

Give access to every member of your factory

From maintenance checklists to security access levels, delegate responsibility for assets and ensure everyone in your plant can play their part.

Use Barcode tracking labels for faster audits

  • Scan equipment using RFID scanners, barcodes, or QR codes by mobile.
  • Strong adhesive & non-removable ink on durable polyester sticker on stickers to prevent wear
  • Scan tags using our Android and iOS apps to cut down your audit times.

Measure your output to produce more

  • Record manufacturing outputs against the each plant/unit’s budget
  • Track spare consumption per work-order for repairs
  • Better service levels mean better customer satisfaction

Designed to be efficient

  • To reduce down-times and lost efficiency, your technicians need to hear about breakdowns as quickly as possible
  • Reports like MTBF, MTTR, and Machine-wise Breakdown Analysis are generated for quality management.
  • View detailed preventive maintenance breakdown for multiple assets and location.
  • Assign Preventive maintenance schedules for each individual to specific technicians to create clear lines of responsibility
  • Track Plant, IT and non-IT assets across multiple locations

Manage all your facilities from one place

  • Create audits based on locations, categories or departments
  • Assign unique set of assets to specific employees
  • Verify assets on their Android/iOS offline, then sync when reconnected
  • Search for assets during audits using the built-in barcode/QR code scanner
  • No overlapping of assets assigned, to avoid confusions

In-built helpdesk for your plant

  • Automatic SMS, emails, and other notifications to the department supervisors & technicians
  • Online helpdesk/ticketing system designed specifically for breakdown maintenance
  • Record repairs done, costs incurred and spares consumed
  • Ensure repairs are properly completed, plant managers verification is necessary to close the entry.

Preventive Maintenance Scheduling

  • Simple planned maintenance system for managing schedules of equipment maintenance in each plant area.
  • Create checklists in schedules for tasks to be done periodically, and assign them to specific technicians
  • Reminders to technicians through mobile notifications, SMS and email.
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