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What Are the Key Features of Asset Infinity’s Mobile Helpdesk Solution?

What Are the Key Features of Asset Infinity’s Mobile Helpdesk Solution?

What Are the Key Features of Asset Infinity’s Mobile Helpdesk Solution?

To run a business efficiently, it is particularly important to keep your customers happy. It does not matter how many customers you have, what matters is how good your service is! However, providing the best customer service can be a daunting task.

Every customer wants their queries resolved at the earliest. However, it can be a huge problem, especially when there are customers in abundance. This is where a mobile helpdesk solution comes into play. Helpdesk software or services enables end-users to interact with the support team to manage and resolve end-user issues.

What Is a Mobile Helpdesk Solution?

A mobile helpdesk solution enables organization employees to keep track of every raised ticket, prioritize tickets & communicate with end-users through their smartphone or any other mobile device.

It empowers employees to keep track of tickets from anywhere on their mobile. The technical support team can do all the tasks easily with the mobile helpdesk application.

This solution centralizes information and technicians can take assistance with this feature when they are away from their offices.

This mobile helpdesk solution can be an extraordinary method for further developing proficiency and improving communication inside your association.

By permitting support technicians to submit requests for help straightforwardly from their mobile devices, you can limit how much time it takes for them to get the assistance they require.

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Representatives can investigate issues all alone whenever the situation is required with this mobile solution.

Assuming you are searching for a method for further developing communication and productivity inside your association. Then, you might be looking for a mobile helpdesk solution.

A mobile helpdesk solution is also referred to by different names such as ticket management software, Complaint management software, Breakdown management software & incident management software.

According to Verified Market Research, “Online Help Desk Software Market size was valued at USD 8.9 Million in 2020 and is projected to reach USD 19.96 Million by 2028, growing at a CAGR of 10.65% from 2021 to 2028.”

Help Desk Software Market size 2020 -2028

What Are the Mobile Helpdesk Solution Benefits?

The benefits of a mobile helpdesk solution are discussed below:

Mobile Helpdesk Solution Benefits

1. Alerts and Notifications

Whenever an end-user creates a new ticket All the users. All the technicians are notified about the ticket.

The manager assigns that ticket to the technician available or according to the category of ticket, The ticket is allotted to the expert technician. That specific technician is alerted about the assigned ticket.

In case any action is not taken against the ticket, again the system notifies the technician about the same.

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2. Prioritize Tickets

All types of tickets come into the ticket management software. Some tickets are more important than others, otherwise, they can be lethal for business

The software is helpful in prioritizing tickets according to the nature of the ticket. It is helpful to the technicians as they deliver more efficient & productive work.

3. Real-Time Ticket Management

In some tickets, the technician requires a physical visit. And this system provides the real-time location of the technician.

In the case when other tickets come from the same location, then the technician is sent to that location so that action can be taken quickly, and effectively & the problem can be resolved as quickly as possible.

With real-time information, you get all the updates regarding tickets instantly. It enables you to respond fast to the tickets.

4. Ensure One Agent One Ticket

It has been seen lots of times that several agents work on a single ticket. These types of scenarios are not suitable for business and they're embarrassing as well.

With an automated helpdesk solution, you can ensure that only one agent works on one ticket & not multiple agents.

Since this software centralizes information, agents can check which agent is working on which ticket, so it is helpful in resolving issues accordingly.

What Are the Key Features of Asset Infinity’s Mobile Helpdesk Solution?

Key features of Asset Infinity’s mobile helpdesk solution are given below:

1. Complaints can be created by end-users or helpdesk users

2. Implications are sent by SMS and mobile notifications to the ticket management group.

3. The manager relegates the ticket to the available technician.

4. Ticket-related pictures, recordings, and documents can be attached for better understanding.

5. Tickets can be put on hold if they are reliant upon any outer explanation.

6. Ticket accelerations are done based on SLAs (System-level agreements).

7. Record inventory consumed and maintenance cost etc.

8. When work is done, OTP is sent to the ticket reporter. This OTP is essential for shutting the ticket.

9. You can filter tickets based on location, technicians, and so on.

10. You can export all tickets with history.

These are only a few of the features of Asset Infinity’s helpdesk solution!


Mobile helpdesk solution automates the process of ticket management and provides a proactive approach to managing tickets.

With mobile, it gives you the flexibility to work from anywhere without work hindrance. Whenever any ticket updates occur in any ticket. The system alerts and notifies all users kept in the loop.

It can likewise permit you to plan regular maintenance & upkeep for your assets to decrease the recurrence of fixes and breakdowns. Therefore, it is very important to invest in a mobile helpdesk solution as it can be fruitful for your business.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q.1 - What Are the Various Stages of Incident Management?

1. User creates tickets.

2. Ticket reaches helpdesk.

3. Assigning ticket to the agent.

4. Agents communicate and take required steps & resolve issues.

5. Agent closes ticket after communicating with end-user.

These are various stages of an incident.

Q.2 - How Is This Software Helpful in Improving the Agent’s Performance?

The software provides valuable insights into each agent's performance. These insights can be used. To enhance the efficiency of the agent. You can gather information about where the agent is spending the most time and how it can be improved.

Q.3 - Does This Software Come with Cloud Technology?

Yes, this software comes with cloud technology! It enables agents to use applications from anywhere anytime. With cloud technology, you get data security as well.

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