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Questions You Must Ask While Looking for Best IT Helpdesk Software

Questions You Must Ask While Looking for Best IT Helpdesk Software

Questions You Must Ask While Looking for Best IT Helpdesk Software

In this competitive business world, the room for mistakes is getting smaller and smaller every day. When you want to give the best service to your customers it is essential that you invest in the best IT helpdesk software. However, how will you know which software is best for your business!

In this blog, we will know IT helpdesk questions with answers that will assist you in finding the best helpdesk ticketing software. So let us begin with the basic question of helpdesk ticketing software!

Q.1 - What Is Helpdesk Ticketing Software?

A helpdesk ticketing management software assists organizations in resolving tickets as quickly as possible so that the impact of the issue can be minimized. A helpdesk ticketing software is also known as incident management software.

Most importantly helpdesk ticketing software eliminates the manual process and automates the complaint resolution procedure. You can achieve mind-blowing results with helpdesk ticketing software.

According to Finances Online, “Leveraging help desk software big data can save up to 670 working hours per year, reduce the number of phone calls by 10%, and allow 25% of your help desk resources to be available for attention-demanding incident resolution.”

Q.2 - What Is the Importance of Helpdesk Ticketing Software?

The importance of helpdesk ticketing software is that it assists organizations in clearing backlogs and enhances customer satisfaction. Automated ticket management software minimizes human error chances and at the same time ticket is closed in minimum time.

Overall, productivity can be increased with automation. Helpdesk ticketing software also assists in optimizing ticket closing time which enhances customer satisfaction.

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Q.3 - Is This Software Coming with Cloud Technology?

Yes, this software comes with cloud technology. It means that you can access the system anytime you want from anywhere, all you need is a good Internet connection.

It enables you to categorize and prioritize tickets as per the workload, especially when you are away from your office. It makes you more efficient and productive as other employees do not have to wait for the required employee. It is a time-saving process as well.

Q.4 - What Are the Benefits of Helpdesk Ticketing Software?

Benefits of helpdesk ticketing software are discussed below:

Benefits Helpdesk Ticketing Software

1. Track Every Ticket

Helpdesk ticketing software enables you to track every ticket from the beginning point to the end. This software tracks each ticket at every point.

For better understanding images, videos and descriptions can also be added to the ticket. The management can check the status of each ticket and update and user accordingly.

2. Alerts and Notifications

Alerts and not notifications are one of the major benefits of this software. Whenever any new ticket is raised by end-users the system notifies the helpdesk management & team members. It means that the help desk technician does not have to check manually.

Similarly, whenever a ticket is assigned to a specific technician then the technician is notified, and mail is sent regarding the same.

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Furthermore, when no actions are taken on individual tickets then the system notifies the team member about the same. The alert is sent as SMS, mobile notification, and email.

3. Prioritize & Categorize Tickets

It is especially important to prioritize tickets otherwise productive work will not be delivered. When a technician understands the priority of the ticket then he acts accordingly. It is important to know that high-priority tickets need to be resolved as quickly as possible otherwise business can suffer.

At the same time, it is important to categorize tickets, as well as technicians, who are specialists in resolving tickets according to their area of expertise. That is why it is important to categorize tickets. It is also helpful in resolving tickets more quickly & delivering effective and productive work.

4. Data and Analytics

Data analytics are particularly important, especially in terms of making improvements in the business. Data is the key to business growth. When you want to optimize your business, data is helpful! How? As it enables you to discover pitfalls and how you can overcome those issues!

For instance, data lets you know what your average resolving time is and how many tickets are raised on daily basis & how many get resolved in a day, and so on. With data assistance, you can discover the areas where you are consuming more time and how you can optimize it!

Obviously when your resolution time decreases productivity will increase and business will improve as well.

Q.5 - What Are the Major Features of Asset Infinity’s Helpdesk Ticketing Software?

Below we have discussed the major features of helpdesk ticketing software:

- Filter tickets based on the assignee, user groups, priority, dates, and status of tickets (open, assigned, on hold, and closed).

- Export all tickets with history at any time.

- Record all repairs done, cost incurred, and spare consumed.

- Define ticket types or problem types. In clear words, why the ticket is being raised.

- Link ticket types with locations and category of assets.

- Link ticket priorities with the ticket types.

- Automatically select user groups based on the ticket type, location, or asset selected.

- Users receive notifications on email, SMS, mobile notifications whenever the tickets are assigned, updated or closed.

- Reminders and Escalations can be set based on the ticket priorities as per the organization’s SLAs.

Q.6 - How Will This Software Be Going to Help Your Business?

In today’s business world only providing the best quality work is not enough! One small mistake and you can lose your customer. To help your business, you must provide the best service to your customers and this IT helpdesk software can really help you in doing that.

A few of the important points are given below:

1. IT Helpdesk Software will assist you in keeping track of every ticket with status.

2. Keep track of expenses as well.

3. Alert and notification whenever any ticket is raised.

4. Enable you to prioritize tickets.

5. Get valuable statistics and analytics.


When giving the best service to customers is a big challenge then investing in helpdesk ticketing software is important. This software can be a game-changer for your organization as it can play a crucial role in keeping your customers happy!

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What Is the Difference Between IT Service Management and Helpdesk Ticketing Management?

IT service management is mainly focused on resolving organization internal problems. Whereas helpdesk ticketing management system is focused on resolving customers' issues.

2. What Are the Best Ticket Management Practices?

Below we have discussed a few of the best ticket management practices:

1. Provide training to technicians.

2. Categorize tickets.

3. Prioritize tickets.

4. Follow SLA.

5. Utilized data analytics.

3. What Are the Various Stages of a Ticket?

Below we have discussed various stages of a ticket:  

1. Identification

2. Diagnosis

3. Logging

4. Response

5. Restore service to normal

6. Close

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