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10 Genius and Creative Implementation of QR Codes

10 Genius and Creative Implementation of QR Codes

10 Genius and Creative Implementation of QR Codes

QR code is a powerful technology that has been continuously growing its market. It is acting like a connector between the physical world and the web.

QR codes are one of the famous tools used for tracking down the items and marketing by businesses and brands of all sizes.

From small retailers to the big brands, QR codes are the point of interest for all categories of businesses. QR code provides an edge to the customer experience that a brand furnishes.

10 ways QR code has been thought, implemented, and appreciated for its wellness

1. QR Codes on Bus Stops, Train Stations, and Subway Stations

At the base of every timetable at the stop, there is a credit card with a QR code or NFC icon. The quick scan with your smartphone will give you real-time information about the arrival of your bus, train, or subway.

2. Next to Painters and Sculptures at Museums

Museums usually use QR codes to offer a multi-media experience for their visitors. An exhibit can display a piece of limited information, but through QR code they can display more video, data, pictures, audio or combination of presentation media.

3. E-learning

QR Codes are placed on e-learning course screens for scanning and downloading additional supplementary learning or reference materials such as the glossary, job aid, references, etc. and for viewing additional information like history, timeline, podcasts, webinars, and detailed instructions.

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4. Buying Coffee

Starbucks Coffee uses QR code

Taking the example of Starbucks, they have partnered with Scanbuy for the mobile initiative to drive downloads for their mobile application.

The QR code is printed on everything from flyers, magazines, newspapers to outdoor ads. People need to scan the QR code which will be redirected to a mobile landing page with video, to find the nearest store location, learn about the company's more coffee products, the menu, card balance, etc.

5. On Jewellery

The International Gemological Institute (IGI) announced that it now provides QR codes for IGI-certified jewelry. The code will link to an article's unique IGI report, which can be conveniently viewed with a smartphone.

The IGI QR codes do not assist sales associates in communicating relevant gemological grading information with 4Cs (cut, color, clarity, and carat), authentication of precious metals, etc. but it will be directly available to the consumers, assuring them of an item's quality.

In the certification process, the QR code will include the IGI Seal of Inspection/Standard of Excellence, affixed to each article.

6. On Bottles and Cans

QR codes on bottles and cans are used to give information about artificial sweeteners if used, a number of calories in a drink, sustainability information, carbon emission. These are the general information you can pull out of a QR code through its scan.

For example, Coca-Cola in 2011 launched a Smart Label scheme using QR codes to provide nutritional information with PDF QR codes.

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7. On the Flyers

QR codes on flyers are used by restaurants to advertise by including PDF QR code on their flyers to be scanned by people to get the online menu, similarly, Coupon QR codes are used for discounts and sales promotions, Event QR codes for details of an upcoming event, Social Media QR codes to grow followers on social media.

8. On Scratch and Win Cards

Time has changed from  “scratch and wins” to  “Scan and Win” with QR codes. It has been noticed that many marketing campaigns performed by shops and restaurants online or outlets. They release their QR codes to get engagement from more and more people to scan the QR code and get a mobile coupon.

After that, when they purchase your product, they can win some cashback, percentage off, buy one get another free. It results in customer engagement, increasing sales & getting crucial data information about your target customers.

9. On Movie Posters

You must have noticed QR codes on the movie posters. If you have ever scanned them, you know what they are for and if not, then you need to try it for sure. It will give you an amazing experience of technology. QR codes are placed on the posters will provide details about prices, discounts, contact numbers, and dates.

10.  On Business Cards

Nowadays scannable QR codes are placed on the business cards to catch the eyes and stand out in the crowd. Through these QR codes on the business cards, you can direct your clients to the link that goes straight to your online resume (LinkedIn page or your Website), show off your creations, etc.

Moreover, candidates can place their personalized QR code to their resume which links to your projects, references, or any relevant material.

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Trending Alternatives of QR Codes

QR codes are widely spread, popular and in demand. But still, there are some recent technologies that are overpowering QR codes for various reasons.

For different uses and reasons, you can use the following alternatives of QR code:

NFC Technology

Similar to QR Codes, NFC tags also don't require any application to read. Phones like iPhone XS, XS Max, XR can read 3rd party NFC tags and most of the android phones also can read NFC tags.

NFC is capable of providing many benefits from various industries like:

  • Getting information by touching smart posters.
  • Using the NFC phone as an event ticket.
  • Setting a wireless home office just with a touch.
  • Printing from the camera by placing it close to the printer.
  • Getting on the bus by just waving your NFC phone.
  • Sharing a business card with just a touch.
  • Paying for items/goods with a tap of NFC phone.

Beacon Technology

BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) exchange a small amount of data at a regular interval of time. BLE is not very old, it recently started in 2011. Through, BLE beacons (or tags) and its receivers (or smartphones) you can track and monitor your assets outdoor as well as indoor.

BLE also preserves energy and is able to run for a long time. The BLE beacon is able to trigger a notification to your smartphone and wake up your beacon-aware app.

The advantages of Bluetooth are as follow:

  • Low power consumption
  • Useful for small size data transfer
  • BLE devices are robust to operate
  • BLE is cost-effective especially compared to RFID
  • Almost every smartphone has pre-installed Bluetooth


This is a location-based service that picks up your GPS position from your phone when you are within the borders of a  “Geofence” the system will automatically recognize you are in the proper location and allow you to check-in and out with the push of a button.

Geofencing is an app-based solution used by companies like Burger King and Sephora to send relevant notifications to customers when they are in the locality of their stores. An App Download QR code can be used to encourage users to download the beacon or geofencing powered app.

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QR codes are a simple to-create and very economical approach to pack more data about your business, items, and services into a small space. QR code technology is relevant in any industry, however, you have to figure out how can use it to enhance your business productively.

This QR code technology is also integrated in our asset management software, to track and maintain the organizations' expensive assets.

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