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How Can You Utilize QR Code Technology in Your Business?

How Can You Utilize QR Code Technology in Your Business?

How Can You Utilize QR Code Technology in Your Business?

A QR code technology can be said as an updated version of Barcode technology. The full form of QR code is a quick response code. It's a 2-dimensional code that is in machine-readable form. Initially, QR code technology was manufactured to track cars but nowadays they are used everywhere.

As the name suggests, a QR code responds quickly and much more data at a reasonable price. That is why it is successful in all industries. From small stalls to big mega marts and malls. A QR code can store 200 times more character than a regular barcode. They are user-friendly and very simple to use.

QR code can be easily generated with a QR code generator and it can be scanned via smartphone or 2-d scanner. But how can QR code be used in business?

As we have mentioned above, they are used everywhere but can QR code technology can be applied in your business? You will get all the answers in this blog. So, let's begin!

Business Card

Every businessman carries their business card so why not every card should get an essence of digitalization. As QR code can store much more information, therefore a businessman must utilize this opportunity. You can design your QR code in a detailed manner.

Hence, once it is scanned it can show all your business-related information such as your website, social media pages, pictures. Not just your name, contact number, and company name.

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App download

A QR code technology has also other benefits that can help your business, other than just tracking inventory and showing price products. Once you scan the QR code you can send the user to download page. Some huge companies gave the QR code an important place in their marketing campaign.

WhatsApp is one of the best examples of the QR code. If you are an existing customer of this app. Then you know the process is simple to connect. Right? All you have to do is visit its website then click on WhatsApp web then scan the QR code available on the screen! That's it all done!

You are connected on WhatsApp to your contacts now use your WhatsApp on System.

QR code advertisement

It empowers advertisers to track the impact of advertising & marketing efforts through reviewing analytics. As an advertiser, you can furnish more data to the client with QR codes and stay updated with the latest trend.

For example, as per the data, you can find which product has better engagement with the customer and promote that particular product in other regions for enhancing business. QR code technology can be utilized in any media, where you have most users. QR code technology is demonstrating to be an incredible tool when matched with an inventive strategy and pay attention to the client experience.

E-commerce and Shopping

Nowadays there are a lot of businesses that are using QR code technology for getting a discount on the shopping website. When they scan the QR code they get extra discount on the product. It should be clear cut instructions for a customer.

Don't let the customer assume the next step.  When you purchase a product such as cloth, wine, movie ticket or plane ticket, it produces a receipt in the form of QR code. QR code technology provides crucial data that you help in a marketing campaign.

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QR codes provides assistance to you right from the advertising and planning phrase through the event phrase itself. Utilize a QR code on occasion materials that prompts a virtual form of your event parcel and enables participants to travel without any issue.

Meaning no chance for ticket loss. Incorporate an e-ticket, direction to events and some other important your visitors may require.

Each QR code must be utilized once to enter. Hence, replicated tickets are dismissed and your business incomes are secured.

Share location

If any customer wants to come to your office. They can scan the QR code mentioned on your website and it automatically sends the address & how to reach the direction to its destination.


Many websites are offering quick payment methods. It helps small businesses in order to make a successful payment transaction to the client or vendor. QR code help in making a successful transaction. This payment method is very popular in India, China, etc.

Little hacks that help business

You can try many campaigns that can be favorable for your business.

For instance, when a user scans your QR code you can redirect the potential customer to a website or send a message for an exciting offer or email that can help in monitoring data for better engagement with customers.

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We know that, from a long time QR codes and other 2D barcodes are significant tools for inventory, stock management, and manufacturing.

It enables you to track more than the name and cost of an item. The codes can also incorporate data, for example, serial numbers, parcels and dates, and other information.

In the end, we only would like to say that QR code technology has much more potential and we haven't utilized it to its full potential.

QR codes are a simple to-create and very economical approach to pack more data about your business, items, and services into a small space. QR code technology is relevant in any industry, however, you have to figure out how can use it to enhance your business productively.

There is almost no harm and QR code technology is worth giving a shot, so you should go for it!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Who invented the QR code?

Denso Wave, a Toyota subsidiary invented it in 1994 to track the vehicle and scan the part when they are at high speed. It can be used by anyone.

2. How does the QR code technology works?

A QR code technology works similarly as a barcode technology. It is a machine-scannable picture that can be scanned via a Smartphone camera or scanner in a split of a second. Each QR code comprises of various dark squares and spots which is encoded in data form.

3. What are the uses of QR code technology?

Above we have mentioned some of the QR code technology uses. Here are some examples:
1. Suppose, you have a new medical store opened you can link the QR code to google map to show directions.
2. Similarly, you uploaded a video on YouTube you can link a QR code to that video. So that if someone scans your code it will redirect the user to your video.
3. At the restaurant, you can put QR code at every table so that a customer can order without waiting for any waiter. A customer can make payment with it without any problems.

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