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6 Beneficial Use-Cases of QR Code Asset Tracking Technology Utilization

6 Beneficial Use-Cases of QR Code Asset Tracking Technology Utilization

6 Beneficial Use-Cases of QR Code Asset Tracking Technology Utilization

QR code is an innovative technology used in various platforms for different purposes. From the field of digital marketing to asset tracking, QR code fits in every way because it is flexible, useful & easy to use.

What is QR Code?

A QR code technology can be said as an updated version of Barcode technology. The full form of a QR code is a quick response code. It's a 2-dimensional code that is in machine-readable form. Initially, QR code technology was manufactured to track cars but nowadays they are used everywhere. They are user-friendly and very simple to use.

QR code is one of the easiest methods utilized for Asset Tracking & Maintenance. It has a vast variety of use cases. Therefore, in this blog, we are looking at 6 cases where QR code technology can be implemented. Let us begin!

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Most effective, innovative and beneficial use-cases of QR code

Beneficial use-cases of QR code

1. Asset Tracking

In this modern generation, QR codes are the successors of barcodes which have gained popularity in recent years. There are more than a few reasons that are why QR code is better. QR code is versatile, it can be used for anything and everything, scan QR code and store information.

There are several big brands that are utilizing asset tracking via QR code. Therefore, it proves that asset tracking is successful with the QR code assistance.

2. Inventory Management

QR code is more than just asset tracking. QR code is used to track more than names and prices of products, this will include information as serial number, part number, lots and dates, and other data. A QR code system is meant to serve you in the best and easy way.

So, you can manage, maintain, and track your inventory in the best possible way. Implement it as soon as you can and track your inventory effectively and efficiently. QR code inventory management is easier to handle and work with because the QR codes are typically easy to read through mobile phones and they don't require the bulky handheld scanners to read them.

3. Utility Management

Utility Assets are the basic facilities provided by any public utility or municipality for the production, transmission, and distribution of general utilities like electric energy or natural or manufactured gas and with the furnishing of sewerage facilities or water supplies.

Utilities such as electric, natural gas, water or wastewater are eagerly looking forward to the manageable ways to get the most from their assets and maximize the return on investment.

4. Asset Maintenance & Management

Asset management software assists in tracking, managing, and monitoring the assets with a systematic approach with the help of QR code. It also helps a company by improving efficiency and productivity. As a result, the return on investment (ROI) increases. Not just that, it also enhances the day to day operations.

Asset management is the management of assets from the stage of its procurement to the ends stage disposal. It assists in increasing the asset life in all stages & improves the quality of the asset. In the process, it keeps the detail of the records of each asset in order to maintain it.

Moreover, it is also beneficial in providing more control over your assets. Through asset management, you can figure out which asset is not providing value to your organization. Or if any asset is being a liability on your organization. This is all possible with the QR code technology, if it is not scanned then this would become a different scenario.

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5. Equipment Maintenance & Management

Equipment Maintenance & Management

Equipment is there in almost every Industry. But here are the few industries that have equipment are the backbone of their Industry such as transport, construction, IT, manufacturing, etc. The equipment needs to be tracked and maintained in order to keep the daily operation running.

This is where QR code comes, it helps in achieving the same objective. These industries have huge equipment which is used in big projects for different-different purposes. The equipment is fast, effective & saves a lot of time, but equipment needs maintenance at regular intervals.

6. Business advertisement

This is one of the most interesting cases of QR code utilization. It empowers advertisers to track the impact of advertising & marketing efforts through reviewing analytics. As an advertiser, you can furnish more data to the client with QR codes and stay updated with the latest trend.

For example, as per the data, you can find which product has better engagement with the customer and promote that particular product in other regions for enhancing business.

Every businessman carries their business card so why not every card should get an essence of digitalization. As QR code can store much more information, therefore a businessman must utilize this opportunity. You can design your QR code in a detailed manner.

Hence, once it is scanned it can show all your business-related information such as your website, social media pages, pictures. Not just your name, contact number and company name.

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Installing a new system in an organization can be challenging tasks. We know that migrating from old data to train employees to utilize a new system. It can be a time-consuming task. Good thing is that the QR code is a breeze because it transfers data quickly.

All you need to do scan that QR code via smartphone. Just attach the QR code to your asset, put information in your system and it is done. Overall, the QR code made asset tracking easy, simple and user-friendly.

Therefore, the QR code plays a critical role in goal achievement. There is no harm in trying & QR code technology is worth giving a shot.

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