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8 Innovative Ideas That Set Trend of NFC Technology

8 Innovative Ideas That Set Trend of NFC Technology

8 Innovative Ideas That Set Trend of NFC Technology

NFC (Near Field Communication) technology has been around us for about a decade now and many of its use cases have been unexplored yet.

NFC technology is of such use for marketing and many of the businesses don't even know it, they are unaware of the advantages of NFC marketing. The big brands are continuously making efforts to find and obtain new ways of utilizing cost-effective NFC technology for their best abilities.

My question is simple, that “How much do you use your phone?”

No, I don't want an answer, we all use it “a lot”.

Note: An average person spends 2 hours 51 minutes per day on their mobile devices.

This means that a smartphone is the world's best and fastest-growing market.

Now, the point which you might not know is smartphones have NFC (Near Field Communication) technology inside it, i.e., NFC is exploding along with the smartphones.

With the growing technology people are so used to with their smartphones, that they start their day from setting an alarm on it and their transit with contactless tickets on their NFC enabled smartphones.

Now, the point of worry which remains is the security of their personal data that is stored on their NFC devices. But for that too, they don't need to get worried as NFC technology keeps a good control for the security of their customers for their personal data.

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Note: According to Statistics of IHS, there are 2 Billion NFC-enabled devices like smartphones that are in use today. That is 20% of the world's population has access to NFC.

There are various uses and innovative ideas of using NFC technology, few of them have really set the trend and the world is going crazy over it.

8 innovative and unique ideas of using NFC technology are:

1. Telstar 2018 World Cup

Last year Adidas Telstar World Cup held in 2018 the match ball had a microchip inside it. Yes, you read it right. NFC technology allows you to exchange data and with this case, the tap of NFC enabled smartphone allowed to unlock Adidas stuff on your phone, once connected.

The microchip was located on the top of the soccer ball. Here, your phone received the information from the tag which then opens Telstar 18 experience.

It offered different functionalities from exclusive information about the product to Adidas football content. In addition to this, it offered special competitions and challenges for which you could film yourself and upload it and win the chance to the World Cup.

2. Lego Dimension Game

On September 27, 2015, Warner Bros and The Lego Group changed the history by launching their Lego Dimension Game. The  “Dimensions” brought together the physical pieces of Lego from the recent play featuring LEGO signature mini-figure characters from different shows and movies like Harry Potter, Batman, Ninja Go, The Lord of the Rings, and many more.

The Dimensions app moved the characters around the gaming pad to unlock special parts of the game like gaining boost power or solving a puzzle. It became a new fun for a family to join for Lego game as it is a smart gaming system with kids' imagination.

3. L'Oréal UV Sensor

L'Oréal is the global beauty leader and recognized by everyone. They launched their first commercial sunscreen product in 1935. Their 84 years commitment to sun safety, they have come up with their new product in 2018.

They launched the first battery-free wearable electronic UV sensor which informs individuals about their ultraviolet (UV) exposure levels. You can wear this NFC enabled sensor on your fingernail, place on your watch, or attach to your sunglasses.

When the user connects to the sensor to the accompanying app have to take the skin type test, they can wear the sensor to track the UV level in their body for the day.

4. Samsung Ad Campaign with smart NFC Posters

Samsung started  “Smart to Go” NFC posters and Samsung Pay as an application of NFC technology. Through these smart NFC posters, Samsung is increasing its brand value by creating product awareness.

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5. NFC embedded print Ads by Lexus

Lexus, Toyota's flagship brand has used NFC technology for print advertisements when they published their car ads in Wired Magazine. These NFC enabled print advertisement helps readers to open the new app suite of the carmaker with the tap on NFC label attached to the advertisement.

6. Find Closest KFC outlet with smart NFC posters

KFC is also in the race to achieve benefit from NFC technology, they have also launched NFC based advertisements in the UK. Their aim is to promote KFC's  “HOT Shots Meal Box”, this NFC based ad campaign was placed outdoor locations with high visibility so that the tap of NFC will lead to a map which provides direction to your closest KFC outlet.

7. Straight to Ralph Lauren's New Launches with smart NFC posters

Even Ralph Lauren promoted its Polo Ralph Lauren product line in London by using smart NFC posters put on the display of Harrods (a luxury retail store). These smart NFC posters provide a map of Harrods to help customers to navigate directly to the Ralph Lauren section in the store.

8. Adidas "tap to learn" with NFC tags on shoes

Adidas tap to learn with NFC tags

Not leaving behind the trend, Adidas too developed NFC tags in their running shoe range. The idea was  “Tap and Learn about the Product”, as the strategy of NFC marketing. Here, the information was delivered to the customers via NFC tags.

The aim of this campaign was to attract athletes and sports enthusiasts to buy shoes with NFC enabled smartphones.

Other Advantages of NFC Technology

NFC Based Asset Tracking €“ With an NFC tag attached to each asset, it manages the information and the data is read by NFC phone.

Through NFC, it is possible to track which asset has been tagged, who is reading the tag, its geolocation with its actual trace time.

Advantages of NFC in asset tracking:

  • You can scan NFC tags with mobile devices
  • Capable of two-way communication
  • Communication is of low proximity, few centimeters
  • Scan of one NFC tag at a time
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NFC technology has already become one of the best technologies out there for the best customer engagement. NFC is the way to directly connect brands to the end-user in a highly customized format which makes it easy for anyone to use, with the only requirement of a smartphone or a tablet.

The increasing awareness of NFC campaigns has increased in NFC enabled smartphone users which directly increases the scope for application of NFC based ad campaigns in the upcoming years.

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