Asset Tracking using NFC tags make asset management reliable with accurate data

Keeping track of every asset of your organization in real-time.

NFC, a derivative of high-frequency RFID

NFC communication uses the extremely close-range magnetic field for bi-directional communication, having a range of 4cm or less for two devices to share data.

Track your assets via NFC for better

You can use NFC tags to track assets in your organization. You can utilize NFC as an anti-theft solution in your business, the system will monitor all the movements of assets through their entry and exit.

Asset tracking is now available in the most convenient way

  • Enables simple and secure communication between two electromagnetic devices
  • NFC works on the bases of tags which allows the sharing of data between an NFC tag and an android device
  • The data stored in the NFC tag scanned through a smartphone is automatically transferred to the system

Track your asset with NFC tag

  • Assign unique NFC tags to your assets
  • NFC tag can be applied to any asset with its data written in a variety of formats with android APIs based on NFC standard
  • Our app enables you to track fixed or portable assets and inventory online and in real-time via NFC tags

Cost-effective asset tracking via smartphone

  • NFC tags are inexpensive, cheaper to manufacture
  • NFC reader scores on all point as it is an essential element in modern smartphones benefit from economic scale
  • NFC reader can be easily attached to a computer, less expensive than a barcode reader

Advantage of NFC over other tracking methods

  • With NFC the read is always clean and reliable
  • It has become the best choice as it gives a clear and accurate read
  • Asset management is the main aim where the low cost of tags, the durability of tags, low cost of readers makes NFC win the circumstance
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