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What Are the Steps to Streamline Procurement Process?

What Are the Steps to Streamline Procurement Process?

What Are the Steps to Streamline Procurement Process?

Procurement management is not a simple task. In an organization, lots of procurement requests are made, and keeping track of them is important. Sometimes frauds also occur in the procurement process.

The procedure through which any products or services are bought from an outer source to the firm is called procurement acquisition. The purchase things ought to be gained at the most ideal expense and ought to be the nearest match to the requirements of the organization. The nearest match suggests the most ideal quality, amount, time, and area for the expense caused.

What Is the Procurement Process?

The procedure of obtainment is typically filled with all details and goes from the planning work associated with the requirement (demand) procedure, the evaluation & calculation of alternatives, approval & disapproval, making bills, payments, and record-keeping are a few of the activities of the procurement process.

There are consistently moral worries inside the space of obtainment. For this reason, both public and private associations frequently attempt to make clear and characterized cycles to guarantee that reasonable, open, and unbiased obtainment can happen without the danger of any false exercises.

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According to the PSM Market Research,  “The global retail sourcing and procurement market was valued at $2,782.2 million in 2017 and is forecasted to witness a CAGR of 11.6% during 2018-2023. Rising demand for centralized procurement, and growing need for increased visibility in the supply chain, are the key factors driving the market growth.”

What Are the Steps for Streamlining the Procurement Process?

In every organization, procurement process steps may vary as per their business model type. Here are the steps for streamlining procurement!

Steps to Streamline Procurement Process

1. Identify Requirement

In the first step, a requirement is identified by some employee or some department. When employees feel some requirement to complete work, he informs the manager by filling a form and the manager approves it after looking into it.

Then forward the request to the finance department then the finance department checks for the budget either they have it or not! If not then disapprove it or if they have the budget approved it.

2. Evaluate Vendor

You must find a vendor which delivers a quality product on time and understands the value of time. But it is important that organization first identify their needs the look for expected providers for the inventory items. The assessment cycle shifts generally - it very well may be pretty much as straightforward as a fast web search.

The objectives of this stage are clear - assess merchants dependent on the value, quality, notoriety, dependability, client care, and some other applicable measures. Acquirement chooses the best seller after finishing this investigation.

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3. Negotiate with Vendors

With a thought of who the potential providers are that may satisfy prerequisites, they are drawn nearer through techniques like solicitations for the proposition, demands for statements, and solicitations for data.

The correspondence channel can be immediate or through mass promoting like a paper or an exchange distribution. There might be a requirement for an explanation of all administrations expected and gave, just as the chance of test testing or preliminary attempts.

The arrangement is a crucial phase of the cycle, with conversations on value, accessibility, courses of events, and the opportunities for customization. Service level arrangements and agreements are drawn up and marked.

4. Release Purchase Order

When all these above steps are organized and everything is in place then all you need to do is approve some purchase requisition form and release the purchase order. This purchase order will have every information which a supplier required. After that when products arrived then quality is checked and payment is done as per the contract.

How Asset Management Software Assists in the Procurement Process?

Asset management software assists in the procurement process as it keeps track of the procurement process and lets you know the status of each procurement order. Whenever a new procurement order is created you will be alerted.

Furthermore, you can keep track of each procurement order. In simple words, this software centralized information.

Asset management software ensures that accuracy is maintained in data and analytics. With precise data inventory levels optimization is simple.

You can also get automated software which means inbuilt templates are available and when you use automated software many human errors are reduced automatically. Furthermore, it reduces the spreadsheet utilization so that accuracy does not compromise.

With this software, you can keep track of vendor performance as well. For instance, in how much time does this vendor delivers the product, and what is the quality of products. Are there are any problems with the vendor? If yes, then you look for some other alternative! These types of information can be stored in the software.


Modern tools such as asset management software can help the organization in the procurement process. With this software, you can get all the updates of each procurement order such as the order is packed now, the package has left the warehouse or the package is on its way for delivery, etc.

The payment status of each order is also tracked. Once the organization receives the product the quality and quantity are checked and payment is done as per their agreements.

This software easily avoids frauds and scams within organizations. This software provides many advantages as well such as detail reporting. Furthermore, you can use asset tracking to keep track of assets.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What is a purchase order?

A purchase order is a legally binding document that outlines the required product details and quantity. After the purchase requisition form is approved the purchase order is created by purchasing department.

2. What are purchases and requisition?

A purchase requisition is a document in which an employee or department seeks permission to buy a product on the behalf of the organization to fulfill work. This document contains product details, vendor name, and details, date, name, and details of the purchaser.

3. What are the benefits of Purchasing Order (PO)?

One of the major benefits of Purchasing Order (PO) is that you don't have to pay the full amount in advance although you can receive a complete purchase order. With just a token amount you can get inventory and the rest amount will be paid later or as per the contract.

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