In a company, several fixed assets and equipment like land, cash, and machinery are frequently used for business purposes. Each and every tangible asset in your organization has its own way to serve your business. They can be tracked by the asset management department of the firm.

For instance, the coffee vending machine at your company’s office is an asset. It helps your business operations in an indirect way. The vending machine serves coffee to your employees during work hours to keep them stay awake. In return, the employees give sufficient energy to engage in your business.

Establish an Asset Management System to know the Utilization of your Assets

An organization must know the availability and utility of assets they have. There may be cases where the equipment has been purchased but it was never used.

As an example, there is an old lawn mower lying rusted in the corner of your office garden. The gardener, on the other hand, uses another lawnmower every time he needs to trim the grasses.

Similarly, there may be other machinery that was purchased and are left unused. This kind of event happens when the information of the specific asset is not properly recorded. At the time of allocations, this machinery must have been misplaced unknowingly.

You will need an asset tracking management software so that it helps you know which assets are possessed by the company, where they are located and in what condition. The system will prevent you from spending more money on purchasing equipment.

Need for Regulating Equipment Preventive Maintenance

Negligence of preventive maintenance could lead to unfortunate events of a chain-reaction. For example, if you noticed a chair in your workplace has a slight crack on its lower rail, you should inform the mechanical department immediately.

You must not delay the due work by saying it to yourself, “Ah, I will fix this later”. Later in the day, there is a chance that your mind got diverted to other works and you totally forgot about the chair. If the chair is not fixed in time, the condition might get deterred and it will fully break down.

There is also a possibility of injuries if someone else unknowingly sat on it. It could also push you to unnecessary spending on purchasing a new chair to replace the broken one.

To avoid such incident, your company need planned preventive maintenance of equipment to schedule the routine of repairing your assets.

This system will prevent offhand extra labour and costly maintenance. For a smooth flow of business, the assets of a company should be regularly checked and maintain their conditions.

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Embrace Preventive Maintenance Software to Overcome Schedule Complication

The use of technology has been heightened in the early 21st century. Electronic gadgets and software are replacing paper and pen in every aspect of our life. Most importantly, businesses around the world are challenging each other using technology.

Recording information on a paper register can create a big problem. The register could be misplaced, worn out, or stolen; the possibility of damage is certain.

A business must have preventive maintenance software to keep and maintain their assets on track. Asset Infinity, the asset maintenance software provides you with an online platform to track your valuable properties.

With this asset tracking system, you can record the information of your fixed assets and stay keep in touch with them. The app is available on desktop, mobile phone, and tablet formats.

Computerized Maintenance Management System allows you to create barcodes or QR codes and attached them to your assets. When those assets are on the move, you can detect their locations and status in the touch of a button.

The assets can be retrieved by using a code scanner. Unlike a heavy paper-made register, your assets maintenance system in your mobile app can be carried in your palm.

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Manage your Assets Information at Multiple Sites from a Single Location

A user of asset tracking software can also share information with multiple users. Asset Infinity has a facility that allows you to maintain the user management system. You can add several levels of admin and employee.

All the administrative works at multiple sites can be done from a single location. You can assign multiple roles and permissions based on the asset categories. You can permit specific users to view the status of a specific set of assets.

You can manage their roles at a detailed level. For example, you can allow users from the mechanical department to view all the information about machinery and other equipment.

Wrap Up:

Asset Infinity is the leading asset management software and app provider. It enables you to track your assets using Barcode tagging, QR code tagging, RFID tags tracking, NFC tags tracking.

There are more features such as Auditing of your assets & Physical verification, Maintenance management, Utility Monitoring, and report on the equipment you can use from anywhere, at any time. Asset Infinity offers a free 14-day trial – no credit card required!