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How Asset Infinity Helped Keeping a Track of Multiple Assets for an Organization Which Works in E-Commerce Industry

How Asset Infinity Helped Keeping a Track of Multiple Assets for an Organization Which Works in E-Commerce Industry

How Asset Infinity Helped Keeping a Track of Multiple Assets for an Organization Which Works in E-Commerce Industry


E-Commerce Portal Industry the word says ‘E-Commerce’ meaning that they deal with their clients in an online mode. They function on websites; they deal with them. Their major work is based on Websites. But that does not mean that they do not have offices or employees that work from offices. They work and run as a normal business and that brings us to the idea of them having assets be it IT Fixed assets or Non-Fixed Assets in their premises. And it is important to keep a track of them and to manage them.

The problem that they encountered:

Our client which specialized in the E-commerce business has more than 20 offices. Those offices are retail showrooms in which they buy second-hand cars. Their whole system is designed in a way that shows the client the rest available showrooms on which they can make the best deal.

With them having multiple retail showrooms, they are now stacked with multiple Assets, assets that they need to keep a track of and which they need to manage well. It includes fixtures, laptops and every other system device that the employees are using.

To do all this manually while maintaining a spreadsheet on which they can see live changes and the owner with availability was very difficult. They were not able to keep up with the pace which then led them to lose important information. They needed a system which is optimized and systematically manages all their assets. By which they can see the change in their IT Assets on a real-time basis.  

Them having a hold of such an optimized system can lead them to the road of profits as there is no lag in the maintenance and no stolen or misplaced goods are there. They will be able to keep a track of their assets on a real-time basis that too with utmost transparency.  

They had several questions: How are IT Assets there in each Retail Outlet? Who possesses which IT Asset? What is the availability of certain assets that can be shifted to some other place where it is more needed? Were all the assets accounted for?

What problem they were facing while they were maintaining manual records?

Maintaining a manual record of all the assets present in any organization is a lot of work. It requires a lot of time, effort and money and still, it never guarantees cent per cent true information. The information entered can be wrong because of human error or might have some differences just because of the bias of the employee. Any organization would not like to have this set of data with them. They need a strong set of data which is transparent and true to its nature to make the best decisions possible for them.  

If we talk about human error. It comes with a huge cost which any organization would not like to bear. It is always best to have a true picture with the utmost truthfulness. Optimized systems help us with problems like these. In an optimized management system, all you need to do is just a few simple clicks and you will have a set report open right in front of you which is transparent the data present is on a real-time basis, which is anytime an add-on to the whole situation.

There were a few approaches used by Asset Infinity for our client to overcome the problems that they were dealing with:

Registering of all IT Assets available:

To keep a systematic track of all the assets present in different retail showrooms of the client.

Real-time data storage:

With cloud-based software, keep a track of all the assets on a real-time basis with no discrepancy in the information available.

Calculation of Depreciation:

Preventive Maintenance by keeping a track of depreciation incurred on all the IT Assets.

What were the issues that our E-commerce Industry client was able to overcome after using our optimized Asset Management Software:

Asset Tracking:

With the help of our optimized Asset Management Software, they were able to keep a track of all their assets present in all their retail showrooms on a real-time basis. It became very easy for them to know where their assets are so that they can base their decisions on the reports that they came across.

Depreciation Calculation:

It is very important to keep track of the depreciation incurred on your assets so that you can start setting aside money to buy another asset, this is all about Preventive Maintenance. With the help of our Asset Management Software, it becomes very easy to keep a track of the depreciation incurred on your assets.

Asset Availability:

With the help of our Asset Management Software our client was able to know which assets are available on a real-time basis, this helps them to allocate those assets and get the most work done out of them. Like this, no asset was being wasted and utilized at the maximum level possible.

Easy Configuration:

There are multiple internal processes included when an organization has multiple offices. With an optimized system, it becomes very easy to keep a track of all the different premises and the assets available there in one place, with one systemized software. Our system helped them with this, they had all the information right in front of them no matter where the owner was, he can access it.

Benefits the client achieved by using Asset Infinity:

  1. Better utilization of assets  
  1. Complete asset information with a single click
  1. Make informed decisions with Reports assistance 
  1. Enhanced productivity
  1. Increase in ROI
  1. Calculation of Depreciation
  1. Bias free transparent optimized reporting


Technologies have always played a great role in businesses, as it is flourishing now with the changing world we need to adapt and set ourselves in with the newest technology available so that we can get the best results. Our client used our Asset Management Software, now they are aware of all the assets present in their different retail showrooms. They now have all the information that they need to make the best decisions possible for their organization. Our client utilizes Asset Infinity Software to prevent asset theft & misplacement and it has increased their efficiency and productivity.

About Asset Infinity:

Asset Infinity provides Asset Management Software which at this point is used by a large number of organizations in various industries. Our software is hosted on Microsoft Azure Cloud Services. The uptime guarantee provided in this service is up to 99.9%, which any organization would love to have. Because of this and many more brilliant features, this software is used by various verticals of different organizations throughout the world.

Asset Infinity helps you to track all the assets of your organization that are linked to the system at any given point. It does not matter where your assets are located at the moment. And this tracking is real-time based. All the data is even stored in the cloud, which leaves no loose ends.

Preventive Maintenance, Depreciation Calculation, Asset Tracking, Asset Auditing and a lot more are offered by this software, replacing all the traditional ways of doing this with an automated system that requires minimum human interaction.

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