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How Asset Tracking Software Can Be Utilized to Avoid Disaster?

How Asset Tracking Software Can Be Utilized to Avoid Disaster?

How Asset Tracking Software Can Be Utilized to Avoid Disaster?

A natural disaster can occur anytime anywhere in the world and most of the time they are inevitable. These disasters can damage human lives, transport, property, etc.

Other than natural disaster there is a man-made disaster as well, which are more harmful to human than a natural disaster.

Moreover, man-made disasters can result in the permanent shutdown of the organization. Because they mostly occur in an organization. Therefore, an emergency plan must be in place. However, according to the Small Business,  “Only 37% of small businesses have a formal disaster preparation Plan.”

Disaster management in asset management is built for the sole purpose that is to avoid a crisis. It is the responsibility of the organization; in case of natural disaster occurs, they need to be prepared to minimize the impact as much as it can!

Thanks to asset tracking and management software, it can help in many ways such as track and manage all the resources and staff effectively that too in minimum time.

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What Are the Different Types of Disasters?

Mainly there are two categories of disaster:

Types of Disaster

1. Natural Disaster

Mother nature can be ruthless sometimes and it so powerful that humans cannot control it. You cannot do anything about it, you can only prepare to avoid it. We all take precautions to secure our homes. However, we cannot say the same thing about offices.

According to the source mentioned above  “Only 51 percent of business owners of companies with less than 300 employees believe it's important to have a plan for disaster preparation and recovery.”

2. Man-Made Disaster

Man-made disasters can create more havoc compared to the natural disaster. Man-made disasters mostly occur in a firm & organization. Therefore, it impacts worker's lives in the long run.

Remember that the Chernobyl disaster, unfortunately, its impact still can be seen! 31 people died as an immediate result when then disaster occurred.

According to the United Nation press release,  “A total of up to 4,000 people could eventually die of radiation exposure from the Chernobyl nuclear power plant (NPP) accident nearly 20 years ago, an international team of more than 100 scientists has concluded.”

We know that natural disasters cannot be controlled & their impact is also short-term on the other hand, man-made disasters are more dangerous and their effect is seen in human lives for a long time.

However, man-made disasters can be controlled if correct actions and precautions are taken on time.

How Asset Management Can Help to Avoid All Types of Disaster?

Asset management can help organizations in avoiding disaster specifically man-made disasters with the following assistance:

Asset Management helps in Disaster Management
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Asset Maintenance

Asset, machines are equipment that must be given maintenance time to time so that they are kept in running and maintained condition. Especially those machines which are very sensitive to asset maintenance such as reactors & heavy equipment.

If proper maintenance is not given on time, they can result in chemical spills, power failure, they can also release dangerous gases which can be very harmful to not only employees but also for the organization as well.

When an organization has a lot of assets then keeping in mind which asset is maintained & which is not, becomes a daunting task. Asset tracking software allows you to keep track of equipment and machines and lets you manage them efficiently.

You can define a particular time (15 days or 1 month) depending on your requirement that how frequently equipment needs maintenance. So, this software will alert you as per your defined period. Now you don't have to keep track manually.

Asset Life Cycle

We all know man-made disaster takes places when equipment & machines are not provided care & maintenance properly. Another factor can be asset life.

It is important that equipment is disposed of or exchanged in time. Otherwise, equipment failure can occur and catastrophic damage can be seen. Other machines and humans will bear collateral damage as well.

With the help of asset tracking software, you can retrieve complete information about each equipment. With this data, you can also know when you purchased it and when it needs to be disposed of.

Data Safety

Workers & employees are the assets of an organization but the data & information are also one of the biggest assets of an organization. Therefore, it is important that during a disaster all data is safe and sound.

Asset tracking software comes with the cloud-computing feature through which all data is secured to online servers. In simple words, even if the system is broken the data will be secured online.

Now all the man-made disasters do not impact lives physically, cyberattack is one of the major issues, it can hurt your business silently. Hence, data security is mandatory for the organization to keep data in an encrypted form so that data piracy does not take place.

The solution to this problem is also cloud-based asset management technology. They protect data with multiple level protection. Thus, you do not have to worry about data security.

Human Safety

Road accidents are one of the biggest man-made disasters. According to the NDTV,  “There is one death every four minutes due to a road accident in India.” But with IoT Asset tracking it can alert the driver when he is talking or texting while driving.

This technique is currently in testing mode in an American organization. IoT sensors are used in this technique. Moreover, it collects data and uses it by understanding human behavior. That data is used for human safety to avoid the accident.


Nobody wants disaster neither natural nor man-made disasters! But unfortunately, they occur! We can only minimize the impact of natural disasters but yes, we can control man-made disasters with proper planning & if the equipment is taken care of on-time without any negligence. Asset management software is required to avoid a man-made disaster.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Which is considered a lethal natural disaster?

Many people will say tornado or earthquake! These disasters may seem dangerous. However, drought is the most dangerous natural disaster because its impact will be seen for a long time.

2. How asset tracking works precisely?

For accurate asset tracking, assets are tagged with RFID (Radio-frequency Identification) tags, Barcode labels, NFC (Near-field communication) chips, GPS (Global positioning system), BLE (Bluetooth low energy). These technologies tag adheres to an asset through which tracking is done accurately and in real-time.

3. Which maintenance practice type is most effective?

There is no specific maintenance that is most effective. The maintenance type work in your organization that is the most effective type. If we speak about disaster management, we will say preventive and predictive maintenance is the most effective because negligence shall be avoided otherwise it may result in equipment failure.

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