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What is Property Maintenance & Types of Property Maintenance Workers

What is Property Maintenance & Types of Property Maintenance Workers

Property Maintenance is the process through which building owners keeps a check on the cleaning , safety, repair work throughout the premises. If an organization follows this maintenance process, the satisfaction of tenants is enhanced, this increases the reputation of the premises and owner. The good the reputation, the better the retention of tenants, this flow is very good for the business.  

There is a whole flow through which the maintenance is done, it is evident to know that this flow is reactive. The routine maintenance flow includes regular cleaning, HVAC filter replacements, security checks and a lot more. Reactive maintenance includes dealing with the flooding, drain clogs and appliance failures.  

Types of Property Maintenance Workers:

There are majorly three types of Property Maintenance Workers: The property manager, Maintenance Technician and the Janitor. The property Manager is responsible for maintaining an environment that the tenants would like to live in, it is not very hard to create this environment. But it is only possible if one focuses on keeping the property clean and the appliances are in good working condition. And to achieve this one needs to achieve the cleanliness and this can be done if the property manager assigns regular cleaning tasks to one or more janitors. It is very important to reach or to match the customer satisfaction and hence it becomes important to keep a track of all the work that is assigned to the technicians and the status of that work. The faster the technician finishes his job, the better the tenant’s satisfaction.  

Technicians play a very important role in keeping the property intact. Technicians are even responsible for managing the outside contractors that mend the elevators and HVAC units and other systems that require specialised training to repair them.  

Example of Property Maintenance:

Let us assume that there is an apartment complex, a tenant in the premises noticed that there is a leak coming from the ceiling, the tenant would be reporting the damage through the community portal. Once the request is submitted the manager is being notified that a request has been raised. The request is assigned to a technician. After this the technician tries to find a temporary solution for the problem. They then try to contact the plumbing contractor that always fixes the problems in their premises. This whole process might take a few hours or even days. But tenants would always consider true professionals who solves the problem as soon as possible.  

Buildings that utilize property maintenance:

The property that gets the most benefit out of it are apartments, hotels, retirement homes etc. Buildings like these have so many boilers, HVAC units etc. These premises also have so many elevators, hallways and common areas that need to be cleaned, there is a regular set of assets that need to be maintained. With the help of technicians and local contractors, one can take care of this maintenance schedule very well.  

Property Maintenance Certifications and Training

There is a certification which needs to be done for a proper maintenance. This certificate is accredited by American National Standards Institute (ANSI), this is called Certificate for Apartment Maintenance Technicians (CAMT). To receive the certificate, one needs to quickly process the work orders, repair HVAC, etc.