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What is Perspective Maintenance?

What is Perspective Maintenance?

What do we understand by Perspective Maintenance and how it is different from Perspective Maintenance, let us learn!

Perspective Maintenance is also called as RxM. To reduce the operational risks, one needs to analyze the equipment’s condition and then come up with different recommendations based on the data, this form of maintenance is called Perspective Maintenance.  

If now you are thinking that it is like Predictive Maintenance, then you are wrong. They are not similar concepts. In the case of Predictive Maintenance sensors are being used to analyze what the condition of an asset is, this helps in knowing the exact condition of asset and its overall operational state. Later the employees can read the data, analyze it and know when the asset can fail.  

Now Perspective Maintenance is one step ahead of this. It not just analyses the data and predict when the asset can fail but it even tells the organization about the steps they should take to recover from the whole situation. With the help of this outcome, one knows what actions are to be taken, all the decisions then become calculated enough.  

Let us take an example and learn how it works, let us assume there is an asset which is temperature constrained, with the help of Predictive Maintenance you not only will be able to judge the condition of the asset but you will even come to know about when can the asset likely fail. Whereas Perspective Maintenance will even tell you about the actions that you should take to save yourself from a situation of Asset Breakdown. You can reduce the speed by certain amount that it generates less heat for a particular set of time, it might double the time before it is likely to fail.  

Predictive maintenance tells you about the estimated duration of asset failure, whereas Perspective Maintenance helps you to calculate the time of asset failure and the actions that we can take to increase the time before asset fails.

Perspective Maintenance – analytics

As the quantity of data increases it becomes more complex to analyze the data, but analysis is important to interpret the information. Perspective Maintenance depends on what we call as Perspective analytics. This analysis is not just about predicting the events and exploring the presumed outcomes. But it is more of a tool that helps us in different scenarios.  

To perform maintenance at this level a lot of exhaustion is involved. Perspective analytics, data, algorithms and AI assist the organization throughout the whole process.


How does the future of Perspective Maintenance look like?

Our day-to-day activities are now being monitored and controlled by technologies, which is making the whole task of existence very easy. Efforts to bring in AI and Machine Learning into maintenance programs is no more a dream, we witness this daily.  

Daily we see new advancements and IoT in the field of Perspective Maintenance, this boost is endless, new discoveries are being made daily. Letting the team know about the advancements of in such fields is the first step.