What are strategies to reduce Corrective Maintenance time?

Overall productivity is highly affected if there is a failure in equipment, plant operations are also affected. The breakdown of the assets when it comes to restoration of the assets the whole responsibility lies in the hands of Maintenance team. It is very important to built in an environment in the organization that ensures that metrics such as corrective maintenance time and MTR are tracked and working on a regular base which enhances the sense of responsibility.  

Here are a few strategies that we will discuss that will reduce corrective maintenance time, which will lead to increase in the efficiency:

  • Improve accessibility: Accessibility is how easily the equipment components can be reached; how easy it is to access them. The maintenance team is aware of the fact that it takes times to get the assets running back again. Whenever a facility is designed that is the time when we must design how we will be dealing with the problem of accessibility. Meanwhile modifications can be done to arrange the assets and improve accessibility.  

  • Improve Interchangeability: When we are replacing the equipment parts, we get to know what components can be interchanged without changing the core work of the asset. This practice is very common in the field of manufacturing, hardware items. It is very important to improve the interchangeability as it will reduce the corrective maintenance time, by increasing the ease of removing and replacing the same components.  

  • Manage redundant systems: Managing redundant systems deals with corrective maintenance in a different way. There are chances that when we follow this technique, we do not see significant reduction in the restoration time of any asset. But these systems can play a significant role in working in the place of failed ones and then reducing the downtime. The impact of breakdown time can also be reduced by this strategy as this is allowing the team to focus more closely on maintenance at hand.  

  • Account of human limitations: Corrective maintenance is a process that is performed by the workers. Hence it is important to keep in mind the human limitations when designing the assets. It is important to consider the environment of the facility. Let us understand it by an example, the placement of assets, heights, range of assets should be set by considering the posture of workers that would be reading the data.  

  • Enhance efficiency in fault recognition, location and isolation: We will notice a major reduction in Asset Downtime and failure if we enhance the skills of the workers. The goal here is to improve the ability to recognize the faults and work on them by enhancing the overall productivity and skills of the workers. Take proactive measures and train your workers. They should also have the technical ability to perform maintenance activities.