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How can I show appreciation to maintenance workers on Thanksgiving?

How can I show appreciation to maintenance workers on Thanksgiving?

In a day-to-day maintenance activity, there are a lot of people whom we should thank, we should be grateful for the maintenance workers who are running the premises in the best way possible. We must say to them that we are thankful for what they do, their efforts matter as it is just because of them that we are able to value the assets and the whole team.  

Personally express appreciation

A simple phrase ‘thank you’ can create the whole difference and this can do wonders for our maintenance workers who will feel appreciated in some sense after listening to this. Appreciation can be in any form, you can send them a mail, send them a physical copy of a note thanking them, you can also personally thank them and express the gratitude, this is going to make a huge difference, positively.  

Host a potluck game for maintenance team.

This is one of the best way to show appreciation, food is the way to go for anything. That can improve the work relationships, show the employees that what they mean too the organization. You are even able to enhance their thought process in a positive way that shows that you care.  

Gift Cards

Gift cards are a very solid way to show that you are thankful and that you care for them. You must thank your maintenance team for their hard work. If you have a bit of time, you can also devote time and can personalize those cards for each employee and thank them according to their traits. It is one of the most powerful ways to show that you truly appreciate them.  

Extra time off

Sometimes it is good to show them that it is okay to give extra time off if they are performing all their tasks well, give them a few more minutes after lunch break or let them leave before time. When we know that they are going great job in maintaining everything then it is okay to give them some extra time off, there would not be any loss in doing so.  

Pay for knowledge that they are gaining.

It is important to give them the opportunity to develop in all the spheres of their life. It is also important to teach them anything that is going to help them do their work. It is very good to value their opinion and to help them earn more and more certifications, you can pay for them. It is going to be worth the investment as you would be paying and they are going to use that knowledge to perform your work, in your organization.  

Showing the appreciation

Do not every complicate the appreciation work of any maintenance employee. Remember to make the appreciation as clear as possible. It does not have to be complicated. Give the time that you need to give as an organization to make things as simple as possible because complication will lead you to nowhere.