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4 Ways to Improve Productivity for Maintenance Teams

4 Ways to Improve Productivity for Maintenance Teams

When the planning part of any organization is weak only then it leads to poor productivity. If your organization starts working on planning part of the whole maintenance process, it will help the organization to improve its productivity.  

Normal wrench time in organizations is between 25% and 30%. By keeping a regular check you can increase it to 50%, this will lead to a drastic increase in productivity.

  • We need to schedule all the tasks by proximity

When tasks are assigned on the basis of proximity, it leads to a lot of productivity. We will be able to see the wrench time clearly when we start giving group assignments to technicians, they will not have to travel to places to get their job done.  

To make this happen we need to train our supervisors to keep the locations in mind while they are making work order assignments for the technicians. Maintenance planners can help the organization in this situation. If we have the whole planner in front of us, it would be easy for us to see who is available when, what work is due when and so on. One would be able to make decisions based on location and priority, till will lead to a centralized managed system all over the organization.  

  • One can arrange the parts whenever there is any need

When an organization has a clear plan and schedule in the form of a maintenance planner, this will help them to know what tools are needed in advance. If the team has all the equipment and tools in hand that they need, they can directly lead to fields and get their work done on time. Time is very important, you can save precious minutes, if not hours. And every second counts.  

  • Remote access to the data can be provided

Maintenance teams spend a lot of time looking at the schematics and instructions to use tools and what not. If the tools are available to the maintenance team as and when required at the jobsite, it will save a lot of time of the team. To save this time of theirs, the organization can give them remote access to the data in which they will be able to check the information and plan accordingly.  

There are many CMMS solutions that allows the organization to upload schematics, warranty information and a lot more against each assets profile. This information can be seen with the help of a connected mobile app, this will save their time of travelling and finding out the same data from physical report register.  

  • Using Predictive Maintenance in the field

Organizations usually do not consider getting into Preventive Maintenance, but it is a great way in terms of wrench time. If an organization starts investing in Preventive Maintenance, it would be easy for the technicians to spend more time on completing the work orders and not waste their time on diagnostics.

If the organizations want to get warning or potential warnings they must invest in predictive maintenance, as it can send advanced warnings, this will help the organization to solve their potential issues without any sort of interruptions.