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How RFID Asset Management Can Help in a Pandemic Environment?

How RFID Asset Management Can Help in a Pandemic Environment?

How RFID Asset Management Can Help in a Pandemic Environment?

With the quick spread of COVID-19 pandemic all over the world, health maintenance services administration divisions are preparing for the unprecedented dramatic increase of activities for the treatment and support of patients who have contracted the infection. Already, some millions are afflicted with coronavirus and hundreds of thousands have succumbed to the deadly disease.

With worldwide concerns over public health and the spread of infections like COVID-19, RFID asset management promises to potentially curb the effects of such circumstances.

By utilizing RFID technology, hospitals and clinics can track locations of crucial assets, e.g. beds, medical gadgets, and sterile equipment. It keeps their exact whereabouts and monitors operations such as sanitizing, cleaning, and maintenance of assets.

What is RFID Technology?

RFID stands for Radio Frequency-Identification. RFID is a technology which enables digital data encoded in RFID tags (smart labels). Data is captured and read through radio waves. This technology works with tags. An item is attached with a tag and radio waves track the tag. RFID can be divided into three parts - Reader, Antenna and Transponder.

A tag is attached to the product. It is readable from a few feet away. Moreover, it does not need to be scanned in a direct line of sight by a tag reader.

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How RFID Can Assist in These Types of Situations?

RFID can assist in several ways that we have discussed below:

RFID asset management software in hospitals

Inventory Management

It is very important for all industries to keep stocks of materials. This is especially true for healthcare establishments in situations like the current pandemic.

As medicines and equipment are critical for hospitals and medical entities, they need to reliably keep up reasonable supplies of pharmaceuticals. They also need to pay extra attention to medicines not getting expired.

Patents are crucial for hospitals e.g. if a patent gets expired and escapes attention and action for its renewal, it disrupts production schedules and resultant supplies of the medicine.

Through asset management software, the organization can track patent expiry and get alerts messages before expiry date so that the same can be renewed.

Asset management software also eliminates the manual reordering of medicines. It notifies the responsible person to order medicine when a particular medicine stock is low.

With RFID asset tracking system in place, the organization can gain a real-time view on the status of each medicine, its location, expiration date and so forth.

Real Time Tracking

The software provides you real-time tracking. This means inventory is updated all the time. The organization always has an accurate inventory count. They can also track inventory orders and automatic re-orders when stocks become low.

Moreover, RFID tracking not only keeps track of equipment but provides tag and wristbands to the staff as well. With RFID tags, you are aware of their current whereabouts. This helps in keeping them safe.

In tough pandemic times, doctors and healthcare personnel are most vulnerable to this disease. The safety of such people can be ensured by RFID technology.

Report & Analytics

Reports contain significant information that assists in improving business processes and practices. Moreover, you can utilize performance analytics to view data and put in measures to enhance performance. Furthermore, the organization should be able to analyze procedures in the business and identify areas where improvements can be introduced. Analytics adds value to organization capability and increases performance.

Asset Tracking Management System offers the capacity to convey continuous asset information and reports with the data that matters most.

In asset management software, the user can find various reports as per their needs such as Stock Report, Audit Report, Utility Report and so on.

Reports and analytics present insightful information through which Healthcare and Research & Development entities find solutions for performance and growth.

A pandemic can particularly teach many lessons. The team can analyze data and discover a pattern or some breakthrough in order that preparatory actions can be done in future against such virus attacks.

Reports help in overcoming operational pitfalls and improving the functional efficiency and transparency. They play a crucial role in the decision-making process of organizations.

Equipment Maintenance

In pandemic times, equipment such as ventilators is in high demand. Patients suffering from COVID-19 are prone to need ventilator support. Due to the high contagiousness of this disease, ventilators need to be sanitized so that other patients may not contract this disease.

Such types of equipment need maintenance regularly. Here it is important to understand that maintenance and repairing are two different things. What maintenance really means is to implement regular or methodological processes to keep the equipment up to date and in peak working condition. Therefore, it does not mean to repair a piece of equipment only when it breaks down.

Therefore, the priority of effort and time has to be on maintenance rather than reactive repair. More importantly, it means ensuring that all equipment functions are working efficiently.

With the help of Asset Management software, organizations can keep their equipment optimized and in perfect condition. Furthermore, when the equipment is tracked regularly, their condition is also known very well.

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All healthcare workers across the world are trying their best to save ailment-affected people. However, it is also high time to take assistance from technology. Asset management software is packed with the potential to bring positive change in organizations. It specifically assists the Healthcare sector in terms of the operational safety of staff as well as equipment.

Asset management solution helps improve hospital functioning in various ways, whether it is maintenance, procurement, audit, incident management, or workflow structures. It is therefore not only profitable for Healthcare entities but also for all organizations across the industry spectrum.

If you want to implement asset management software in your organization, our Team is there to assist. You can sign up today and try our 14 days of free trial.

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