Asset Infinity’s RFID asset tracking software. Like Barcode, Only Better

Built-in RFID readers are a flexible solution to track your assets wherever they are

Like barcode, but even better.

RFID eliminates the need for non-contact, line-of-sight scanning. It also enables you to read multiple tags at once, increasing efficiency and performance.

Seamless audits and physical verifications

Asset Infinity’s RFID capabilities help simplify the process of managing your assets. RFID scanning helps in quick audits & physical verifications and counting of assets across locations.

Out of the box integration with RFID Printers/Encoders

  • In-built integration with RFID printers such as Zebra & Honeywell.
  • Combine RFID and barcode/QR codes on a single tag.
  • Print asset Information on RFID stickers for quick information.
  • Accurately and efficiently produce labels for your mid to high volume asset tracking.

No internal power supply, As thin as paper

  • Use built-in mobile integrations with RFID scanners to scan Tags.
  • Scan multiples asset codes at once to select multiple assets.
  • Access all asset information offline.

Quickly Scan RFID tags using Handhelds

  • Built-In integration with many industrial-use rugged handheld devices.
  • Dedicated hardware buttons for quick scanning using built-in scanners.
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