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7 Reasons Why Asset Tracking Is Essential for Celebrities

7 Reasons Why Asset Tracking Is Essential for Celebrities

7 Reasons Why Asset Tracking Is Essential for Celebrities

We don't know how much money a celebrity owns. But at least we all have an idea that they own lots of valuable things. And if you are a big celeb then the list of valuable things goes on and on!

They spend a lot of money on their look and their luxury lifestyle. That is so obvious, right?

After all! Looks matter for them and for their fans. But they own very costly items. Since they have several valuable assets it's important for them to use the asset tracking technique. What are those assets? You will discover in this blog.


As we are talking about the celebrity's assets. This is the first obvious asset we see in the list, Automobiles. There are several celebs who own not only one but a collection of luxury branded cars and expensive bikes. Clearly these precious cars and bikes need maintenance and you can keep the record of them on a manual basis.

They already have too many things to care of so asset tracking should not be one of them. So, they can opt for Asset Tracking Software which assists in maintaining assets and notification are sent to them on a regular basis.

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Everyone loves jewelry especially girls but in songs & videos, we can see performers wearing them. Some of them wear an award ceremony, red-carpet or any other ceremony. So, it's kind of become a necessary accessory to complete the look.

According to a website blog, the most expensive owned by celebrity jewellery is Gloria Steward's. It is estimated that the  “Heart of the Ocean” jewellery is $20 million. What if it is lost? Frightening right?

Therefore, implementing Asset Tracking Software is necessary. You can always keep track of your jewellery with the Asset tracking software. If you have put your ring somewhere but cannot find it, you can track it with the asset tracking solution.

Jewellery Asset Tracking


The house of any celebrity is like a palace. It is filled with the valuable thing and house is fully high-tech. When you have a highly innovated house then you have to maintain it too.

We know house requires attention and needs maintenance support from time to time. Issues keep coming one after another and it needs to be repaired.

You can keep a record of each asset and how much time it is taking for maintenance after once done. Through Asset Tracking software you can see past records of each asset.

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For any celebrity contract is crucial. Definitely, it may seem scary because of several pages of documentation with terms and conditions mentioned on it. These documents are a source of money. A contract can either provide onetime payment or in installments.

Business is done on the basis of the contract. What if a celebrity lost its contract? Scary! So obviously you cannot lose a contract and for that, you can use the contract management system of Asset Infinity which is really helpful for keeping track of it all the time.

Art Collection

When Celebrities like investment art is one of the top choices for them. Mainly because it has 2 reasons behind its first reason can be, it shows how classy they are and the second reason, it can be sold later when they want to.  

Jim Carry the famous actor well known for his comedy roles and dramatic roles such as in Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind.  Jim Carrey is also an accomplished artist.

In the year 2016, he had a solo exhibition, Nothing To See Here, in Palm Springs. We bet every art of Jim Carry worth thousands of dollars at least. Therefore, we recommend him to use Asset tracking software to ensure that all art pieces are returned without any problem.

Dress & Cloth

Clothes are a necessity for everyone either you are a celebrity or not. It does not matter if you are a male or female, what matter is how comfortable it is, brand of cloth. But for celebrities it totally different.

When celebs make an entry at the award ceremony or any special occasion, they can go up to millions for instance if you google the most expensive dress in the world. You will find this  “Nightingale of Kuala Lumpur”. It is worth 30 Million dollars, which was worn by Kavitha Sidhu who is a Malaysian actress and former beauty queen.

What special about this dress? This dress has 750 diamonds and a 70 Karat diamond. We bet every diamond worth at least one hundred dollars.  

Therefore, it is essential to keep track of each and every diamond with Asset Tracking software so that every diamond can be tracked.

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Something very precious

Every celeb does own something which is far more valuable than any of the assets they own. It can either be a bizarre memento, any gift they had received, or any item which they have bought from an auction. It can be really valuable in terms of money. So, it's important to track that asset and keep it maintained.  


It does not matter either you are a celebrity or not. We all know that we have assets which can be a car, bike, house, etc.

Similarly, in business. Every business has assets and they need maintenance and tracking.  Asset Infinity can help you provide the best asset management software and you can always get real-time information with it.

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