How CMMS Software Helps in Streamlining Our Business Operations?
August 11, 2020

How CMMS Software Helps in Streamlining Our Business Operations?

How CMMS Software Helps in Streamlining Our Business Operations?

CMMS software has assisted many industries and sectors by minimizing their equipment downtime and the total cost of ownership regarding their assets. The software has also improved the reliability of assets and their operational efficiency.

Looking upon the various advantages of CMMS software, it is the high time that you should implement the software, if haven't already. Or, update your existing system with a dedicated one in the industry that is fully featured with the latest technology and power to handle all your assets.

Many organizations are utilizing the benefits of a CMMS system; you should also adopt one and mark out your maintenance workflows. If your organization also deal with regular up and downs of equipment, it becomes crucial to handle the situation and boost business efficiency. Because in the absence of CMMS software, it will lead to unanticipated and costly equipment shutdown.

And if this happens to continue, it may cost you a huge amount of money. According to a study by ITIC has shown that about 33% of organizations have suffered the loss of $1- $5 million because of unplanned equipment breakdowns.

These unplanned breakdowns can be prevented by implementing scheduled preventive maintenance by CMMS software. However, the main reason to implement a CMMS system is cost-saving and an increase in the fixed asset life cycle.

Steps to Streamline Your CMMS System

Steps to Streamline your CMMS System
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1. Automate Maintenance Management

CMMS software automates all the maintenance processes by removing previously used manual inefficiencies and prioritizing your maintenance requests. The CMMS system generates notifications for your repair teams who will conduct the tasks so that no service activity gets missed out.

Any CMMS software does not carry out the work as a skilled technician but rather keeps the information accurate in a cloud-based centralized place for all the service tasks to be assigned and performed without getting forgotten.

Eliminating all the paperwork technicians are now focused on the task instead of filling up the formalities, this way work is done pretty faster with all the gathered resources for its optimum utilization.

2. Schedule Preventive Maintenance

CMMS software allows you to enforce preventive maintenance on your equipment to schedule regular inspections for servicing before the equipment goes through any breakdown.

Through the software, you can keep detailed information about your assets from their usage history to depreciation rates. This helps technicians to foresee when equipment failure can happen so that the technician could go to fix the problem before something goes wrong.

The whole process can greatly enhance the uptime duration of the equipment and will also ensure that the daily operations are running smoothly as per the schedule. Scheduled preventive maintenance keeps your assets healthy and away from extra cost as well.

3. Lower Maintenance Costs

To increases the reliability of the assets you need CMMS maintenance management software with low costs involved.

One way is to reduce the number of machines involved so that depreciating or replacement costs can also be brought to a minimum. But that's not possible and there is no need to squander your budget over high-ticket machinery or replacements parts.

What you can do on the contrary is, increase the maintenance frequency (regular, time-to-time) that reduces the downtime instances. Also, which means you don't have to bother and call up for technicians outside of work hours for emergency breakdowns.

Hence, the cost of paying labor for overtime as well as extra costs involved with spare parts and maintenance is also reduced at the same time.

The CMMS software allows you to view the maintenance history of your equipment to know exactly how much you spend on the maintenance of your assets.

Hence, with a CMMS solution, you can keep a check on your maintenance activities and lower the cost of owning assets.

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4. Use of Work Order Checklist

The CMMS system solution is equipped with a work order module, with it, the maintenance processes can be simplified and tracked comfortably. Also, you can create work orders for each maintenance task. And assign the task to the concerned technicians, and associate relevant inventory items needed for the repair.

The addition of checklists to each work order is also possible. Following these work orders will ensure that the technicians are performing a predefined set of procedures to carry out the service. These procedures of service can be specified by the manufacturer or can also be set by a technical supervisor.

An example of a checklist is:

To look at the progress of each maintenance task, assign each work order a reviewer and ask them to update the work specifications of the task as it progresses. Mostly, work order modules send notification alerts to technicians when a task is near to its deadline or is overdue. By these notifications and alerts, you can ensure that you cater to all maintenance requests in an appropriate manner.

5. On-Site Assistance with Mobile Application

Mobile Applications for CMMS

Technicians and maintenance workers spend most of their time in the field, servicing machines and fixing tools. For technicians like these, it is important to have CMMS software installed on their devices to get adequate on-site assistance via their mobile phones.

An ideal CMMS system that is compatible with a mobile application for Android as well as iOS devices so that your whole team can coordinate on the same page.

With the mobile accessibility of the CMMS system, field technicians can record their activities as they perform them.

The system also allows technicians to take pictures of faulty parts, to notify and ask their supervisors to fix the needs, required to perform the task. Through the mobile application, you can also request more on-site help or servicing inventory if you run short of resources.

An enhanced version of the CMMS mobile maintenance software application also allows access for repair data and making updates offline to continue with the tasks despite disruptions in internet connectivity on the field, if any.

6. Data-Driven Maintenance Decisions

The CMMS system also allows data analysis and reporting features to gather all the maintenance-related data, processes, and analysis. This will help to get useful insights into the performance of the equipment and service routines.

Moreover, you can generate customized reports suitable for your business needs to get a multi-dimensional view of your maintenance strategy.


All that you have read above about CMMS software will help you know that the system also allows you to add asset audit logs and manufacturer specified usage guidelines as they are documented in the system.

The system also assists to meet compliance and safety standards with calibration management for industrial devices such as weighing instruments and pressure sensors as they call for regular calibration.

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So, it is necessary to ensure that these devices are performing according to specified tolerance measures.

With CMMS software, you will not miss out on compliance checks and can meet industry standards at all times.

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