Basic Things You Need to Know About CMMS System
December 5, 2019

Basic Things You Need to Know About CMMS System

Basic Things You Need to Know About CMMS System

If your organization has several assets that need maintenance on a regular period such as a transportation vehicle. Then your organization needs a CMMS System. It is a tool that assists in tracking the maintenance of assets and inventory.

So, what is CMMS? Let us find out!

What is CMMS?

CMMS stands for (Computerized Maintenance Management System) or some people also call it Enterprise Asset Management (EAM). However, there is a difference between them! But today let us focus on the CMMS System.

CMMS System assists in scheduling jobs of maintenance of assets. It makes a worker's job easy & more effective. It also keeps all records of an asset. From the point of view of maintenance professional CMMS is the best System for them.

Not just that, with CMMS System you can create work orders and track them too. You will also notice an improved daily operation.

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Explain CMMS with example?

Here is an example, suppose you own a vehicle that needs maintenance on a regular basis. It is not hard to remember to change engine oil every 3 months and when it will need maintenance! A simple thing, right?

Now let say you own 10 vehicles it's hard to remember everything in mind. So, you start writing everything down in a diary such as which vehicle was last serviced when. It's getting tough but you are managing somehow!

Now let say you have 30 vehicles. The dairy is barely helpful but more confusing! Now think if somehow this dairy gets lost what will happen? What will happen if you have hundreds of vehicles? Chaotic, right?

If you have a database where that stores all the information and track the data entirety with no danger of it getting lost! This is where CMMS System comes into play.

A CMMS enables your business to decrease maintenance costs by sorting out work processes and giving knowledge into the status of every asset and equipment. This eventually improves the primary concern of your association by guaranteeing all maintenance is performed at the most ideal time.

What is the history of the CMMS System?

According to a website, American machinist

Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS) is about 60 years old. The evolution of CMMS begun in the 1960s. The first CMMS system is noticed around 1965 and was only available to the largest manufacturing companies because it needs the biggest computers.

Since then, CMMS System has modified, innovated and expanded dramatically due to the exceptional growth in computing power and the emergence of the Internet, making the functionality accessible to all sizes of the company across the globe.

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What are the advantages of the CMMS System?

Here are the few major advantages of CMMS System:

Advantages of the CMMS System

Preventive maintenance

In the manufacturing industry or in a manufacturing plant every equipment is costly. Therefore, when a piece of equipment is in a halt state or not-working condition then it impacts the business operation and profit. Plus fixing and repairing expenses are also to be added. This can create an extensive bill.

You would not want this to happen in your business, would you? The solution to that problem is CMMS! It's better to do preventive maintenance (precaution) rather than reactive maintenance (reaction). Each and every equipment is very crucial in manufacturing.

For e.g., if one small piece of equipment is not working then the product cannot be completed. As a result, it cannot be delivered which leads to business loss.

3x Return on Investment

Despite the benefits of proper maintenance schedules, most plants lack effective preventive maintenance software. The simple and straightforward activities will, over time, see a massive ROI, and will supercharge your plant's effectiveness.

Create schedule maintenance

One of the most important benefits of CMMS is scheduling maintenance of your fixed assets. When you plan a maintenance activity it will lead your asset to persistence & better performance and the best part is you don't have a keep a track for it. CMMS System will do it for you. It will also notify you of your upcoming maintenance activity.

You can create weekly, or monthly schedules depending on your preferred routine maintenance. Automatically schedule maintenance routines based on the set timetable. You can also set reminders to prevent forgetfulness when carrying out maintenance.

Efficient work order management

Lots of organizations implement this software only when they need assistance in order to manage work order and optimize maintenance operations.

In this feature, you can see each and every detail about your work order, especially recent ones. It can also retrieve crucial data such as work order status, machine health, work order assigned to whom and work order history. All the important information in one place.

Track & modify your asset maintenance

You can quickly view all programmed maintenance activities for specific equipment or asset. You can also add assets or equipment instantly if you don't find the asset that needs maintenance. So that needful can be done at the earliest.

Ensure employees safety

Providing a safe and secure environment for employees and avoid machine malfunctioning is one of the crucial points of CMMS Software. It identifies the problem area of machines and equipment in order to keep them healthy & updated.

If any problem is identified, then it needs to be sorted as fast as possible. Therefore, it reduces the probability of accidents.

What are the disadvantages of the CMMS System?

Once upon a time, there were several issues in CMMS Systems such as limited experience base, upgradeability was poor, less stability, etc. But these all were the problems in the past. As of now none of these problems exists anymore in CMMS System.

However, to run a CMMS System effectively one will need training. Without training, it won't be effective. Therefore, for employees, it's important to take out time for training, which is not easy for workers.

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CMMS system assists the company in various terms. It tracks maintenance team activities, allocates resources, determining costs and so on.

CMMS reduces human error, increasing business productivity, efficient operation. Keeping machines & equipment updated and creating a secure environment for the company's employees.

Asset Infinity has helped several organizations with implementing CMMS Software and assisting them in achieving their objectives. You can also consider our 14-day free trial.

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