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7 Essential Features for Choosing Barcode-Based Asset Tracking Software

7 Essential Features for Choosing Barcode-Based Asset Tracking Software

7 Essential Features for Choosing Barcode-Based Asset Tracking Software

Barcode is one of the oldest & pioneer asset tracking technology. It provides simple and effective asset tracking and along with that, it is cost-effective as well. Several technologies have evolved with barcode technology one of the examples is QR (Quick Response) code technology. Barcode-based Asset Tracking Software offers quantifiable benefits such as asset location tracking, saving assets from theft misplacement, data & information tracking, and data analysis.

What Are the Essential Features You Must Look at While Choosing Barcode-Based Asset Tracking Software?

Features you must look at in a barcode-based asset tracking software are discussed below:

Features You Must Look at in a Barcode-Based Asset Tracking Software
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1. Cloud-Based Mobile Application

One of the most required features organizations look at is cloud-based software so that management can access it from anywhere across the world. It enables the organization to work flawlessly and ensure that work is not delayed due to any traveling reason.

Moreover, while inspecting assets & pieces of machinery, managers can schedule their maintenance on the go, and they do not have to wait to return to their workstation & which enables them to make informed decisions. Overall, this feature makes employees and organizations more productive and efficient.

2. Import Information Easily

The software collects lots of information that is crucial and valuable. Information can be about each asset and history related to maintenance purchasing and so on.

This information shall be easily imported and integrated into other software so that optimization can be done. Asset tracking software must import data and download data in excel and CSV format.

3. Scheduling Maintenance

When an organization is equipped with lots of Assets & they are in multiple locations then providing maintenance at regular intervals becomes a hectic task.

However, with barcode-based asset tracking software providing asset maintenance regularly becomes simple. As this software will alert you to each upcoming maintenance.

4. Maintenance Checklist

It has been seen several times that the maintenance team left some tasks undone that need to be done. There can be several reasons behind it such as mismanagement of tasks, priority, time management, etc. However, with. In this software.

Teams can create a maintenance checklist for each asset individually. So that no tasks are forgotten or left undone. Therefore, a checklist is one of the notable features that software must-have.

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5. Accurate Asset Tracking

Asset tracking is the most important activity that all organizations must perform in order to keep assets safe and secure from theft and misplacement.

Asset tracking is helpful in asset auditing procedures and maintaining compliance as well. With barcode asset tracking, you can easily keep track of all your assets and avoid asset theft and misplacement.

6. Inventory Tracking

Inventory is essential for all industries as some organizations generate revenue from it such as the food & beverage industry & retail industry. Some keep inventory in maintenance, repairing, and operation (MRO). Therefore, keeping track of inventory is essential. So that if the maintenance team performs maintenance.

They have inventory in hand and for the food, beverage & retail industry this software will allow them to refill the inventory whenever the inventory level goes below for each product as the person responsible will start the process of refilling the inventory.

7. Reports & Analytics

When you are thinking about features then you cannot ignore reports and analytics. It is the most important feature as it is helpful in business growth.

Each asset has crucial data that helps in creating a baseline. You can find out assets that are performing better than usual and several other critical information as well.

Reports & analytics help in discovering issues and it shows you the complete picture of your asset performance such as asset utilization frequency, average working hours, asset average downtime, and so on.


These are the essential features that one must look at in barcode-based asset tracking software. It enables organizations to boost their productivity and grow their business.

Automated asset management software provides crucial information that is helpful in making informed decisions and setting future goals as well. Automated software comes with cloud technology which means that you can access it from anywhere & you are not bound to your workstation anymore.

You can make informed decisions right away while inspecting assets and inventories. Moreover, cloud technology provides extra security for your data. It means that you do not have to worry about data security any more. As the cloud service provider will take care of and keep data secured so that data theft can be avoided easily.

Furthermore, cloud technology comes on a subscription basis which means that it is cost-effective as well. Investing in automated software will be fruitful for your business.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q.1 - What Is Barcode-Based Asset Tracking Software?

Barcode-based asset tracking software helps businesses by keeping track of assets with the help of barcode technology. For this purpose, a barcode tag is attached to the asset. Each tag has a unique identification number. That identification number is stored in the asset tracking software. So, whenever that label is scanned, it automatically fetches all the information of the asset. That is barcode-based asset tracking software.

Q.2 - Apart from Barcode Asset Tracking, What Are the Different Types of Asset Tracking Technologies Available? Is Barcode Technology Still Used Frequently?

In the market, there are several types of asset tracking technologies available Apart from Barcode asset tracking such as RFID (Radio-frequency identification), GPS (Global Positioning System), BLE (Bluetooth low energy), IoT (Internet of Things), NFC (Near field communication), QR (Quick Response) code. Of these technologies, some provide real-time information for asset tracking purposes.

Yes, barcode technology is used very widely as it is cost-effective & it has proven to be one of the simplest methods for asset tracking. Whereas QR (Quick Response) code is the updated version of barcode technology.

Q.3 - Which Type of Industry Can Use Barcode Technology?

All industries can use barcode technology, however. Barcode technology is mostly used in those industries, which are intensive inventory. Since there is inventory in abundance and barcode is cost-effective that is why barcode is best suited for them. However, in order to use barcode technology efficiently, barcode scanners are essential. According to Future Market Insights, “the barcode scanner market is estimated to be worth US$ 7 Bn in 2021. The market is expected to grow at a CAGR of over 7.6% between 2021 and 2031.”

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